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Three Positive Tips for Online Learning

With the second lockdown pending and confirmation that studying will stay online, it has been super important for me to stay positive during these tough times.

I know this is an obstacle that many are having to overcome, especially with learning from home, so here are my three top tips to staying upbeat whilst completing online learning:

1. Create a Routine

I know that creating a routine is a tip that is repeated regularly, but I cannot emphasise enough the importance of scheduling your time efficiently! Lectures and Seminar work are being released at the weekend in preparation for the following week – and this can seem rather overwhelming. However not to fret, the best piece of advice I can offer is to ensure you follow the agreed times in your timetable. Depending on the number of modules you have, I like to dedicate specific days to each module (including reading, watching lectures and seminar prep) so that I am ready for the interactive sessions.

2. Staying in Touch

With the current climate, it can be easy to feel lost. I have been in this position, not knowing how or who to contact. However, what I have found during my first month of final year is that the AMBS team are all there to offer as much guidance as possible. Many of my lecturers have set up Q&A Zoom sessions – which have become so handy for asking general questions about the course or assignments. I have also set up Zoom catch-ups with my Academic Advisor via email for guidance around my modules and future career plans – which has massively helped me stay motivated and find my feet! What you must remember is you are not alone and if you are ever struggling or feeling lost there are many ways you can contact for support, even if we are unable to go into University.

3. Give Yourself a Break

When it comes to studying, I have experienced times where I have felt that I am over-working, particularly when working from home. My to-do list feels like it is continuously growing, and I am working in the same room that I sleep in. Hence, it is so important to give yourself time to relax. Whether that be chilling with your housemates, watching a movie, (or maybe even carving pumpkins). I like to follow a 9-6 schedule, like the average working day, so that I can give myself at least the evening off every day to be able to unwind. A big way for me to relax is to go for walks – a recommendation would have to be: Fletcher Moss Park in East Didsbury: very pretty scenery, and lots of dogs to boost those serotonin levels!

Bearing these three tips in mind, I hope that moving forward Online Learning becomes easier and more positive for you, and just remember: you are not alone.

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