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People, Management and Organisations (PMO)

The division brings together internationally-recognised experts in work and employment, organisational psychology, international business, health policy and organisations in society.

It is renowned for its cutting-edge research across a wide range of management and organisational issues and is home to the Work and Equalities Institute and our new Institute for Health Policy and Organisation.

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Our Centres and Institutes

This new Institute brings together 12 leading professors and around 35 researchers and academic staff from the University’s Faculties of Humanities and of Biology, Medicine and Health, and is built around three broad themes of research:

  • Organisation and workforce will cover health and care policy and its impact upon service organisation and the health and care workforce.
  • Regulation and leadership looking at how health and social care is led and governed, including internal and external systems of regulation for holding organisations and individual professionals to account for the quality and safety of services.
  • Health and care in the wider context will focus on how health and care policy are impacted by social, political and economic contexts.

The agenda of the Work and Equalities Institute is to identify and promote the conditions for more inclusive and fair work and employment arrangements.

The Institute develops world-leading interdisciplinary research, focused around four key themes: business transformation and work futures, fair treatment at work, inequalities and the life course, and regulation and representation.

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Sharon Clarke

"We bring together internationally recognised experts in work and employment, organisational psychology, international business and organisations in society. We are renowned for our cutting-edge research across a wide range of management and organisational issues, and we are home to leading centres of international research."

Sharon Clarke

People, Management and Organisations

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Our academics

Matthew Alford - PMO Comparative International BusinessMatthew AlfordSenior Lecturer in Int Business & MgtAlliance Manchester Business School
Laszlo Czaban - PMO Comparative International BusinessLaszlo CzabanSnr Lecturer in Intl. Mgt & Organizational AnalysisAlliance Manchester Business School
Renfei Gao - PMO Comparative International BusinessRenfei GaoPresidential Fellow (academic)
Axele Giroud - PMO Comparative International BusinessAxele GiroudProfessor Of International Business0161-3066593Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.060
Mario Kafouros - PMO Comparative International BusinessMario KafourosStaffAlliance Manchester Business School
Dimitrija Kalanoski - PMO Comparative International BusinessDimitrija KalanoskiLecturer in International Business
William il-Kuk Kang - PMO Comparative International BusinessWilliam il-Kuk KangLecturer in International Business & Mgt0161-3063413Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.062
Johannes Kleinhempel - PMO Comparative International BusinessJohannes KleinhempelPresidential Academic FellowAlliance Manchester Business School
Yusuf Kurt - PMO Comparative International BusinessYusuf KurtLecturer in International Business and Management0161-2756492Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-5.058
Asmund Rygh - PMO Comparative International BusinessAsmund RyghLecturer in International Business0161-3065884Alliance Manchester Business School
Pei Sun - PMO Comparative International BusinessPei SunChair in International Business0161-2750444Alliance Manchester Business School
M Yamin - PMO Comparative International BusinessM YaminProfessor of International Business0161-3063462Alliance Manchester Business School - F6
Stefan Zagelmeyer - PMO Comparative International BusinessStefan ZagelmeyerReader in Comparative and International BusinessAlliance Manchester Business School
Xiaoke Zhang - PMO Comparative International BusinessXiaoke ZhangProfessor of Asian and Comparative Management0161-3063341Alliance Manchester Business School - 6.021
Ruth Boaden - PMO Organisations SocietyRuth BoadenHonorary Professor0161-3063436
Ismail Erturk - PMO Organisations SocietyIsmail ErturkSenior Lecturer - PMO0161-2756354Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.068
Julie Froud - PMO Organisations SocietyJulie FroudProfessor of Financial InnovationAlliance Manchester Business School
Anita Greenhill - PMO Organisations SocietyAnita GreenhillSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
John Hassard - PMO Organisations SocietyJohn HassardProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Saleema Kauser - PMO Organisations SocietySaleema KauserAcademic: Organisational Strategy and Business EthicsAlliance Manchester Business School
Eunice Maytorena-sanchez - PMO Organisations SocietyEunice Maytorena-sanchezSenior Lecturer Project Management0161-3063405Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.019
Ruth McDonald - PMO Organisations SocietyRuth McDonaldProfessor0161-2750612Williamson Building
Christine Mclean - PMO Organisations SocietyChristine McleanSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Damian O'doherty - PMO Organisations SocietyDamian O'dohertyProfessor of Management and OrganizationAlliance Manchester Business School
Karel Williams - PMO Organisations SocietyKarel WilliamsStaffAlliance Manchester Business School
Graham Winch - PMO Organisations SocietyGraham WinchProfessor of Project ManagementAlliance Manchester Business School
Mark Winter - PMO Organisations SocietyMark WinterSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Sharon Clarke - PMO Organisational PsychologySharon ClarkeProfessor of Organisational Psychology0161-3063442Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.055
Helge Hoel - PMO Organisational PsychologyHelge HoelEmeritus Professor0161-3068784Alliance Manchester Business School - D12
David Holman - PMO Organisational PsychologyDavid HolmanProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School - 7.004
David Hughes - PMO Organisational PsychologyDavid HughesLecturer, Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Paul Irwing - PMO Organisational PsychologyPaul IrwingProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School - 7.005
Sheena Johnson - PMO Organisational PsychologySheena JohnsonProfessor of Work Psychology and Wellbeing0161-3063445Alliance Manchester Business School
Wing Lam - PMO Organisational PsychologyWing LamReader in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School - .018
Robin Martin - PMO Organisational PsychologyRobin MartinStaff0161-3064583Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.002
Kara Ng - PMO Organisational PsychologyKara NgPresidential Fellow in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Karen Niven - PMO Organisational PsychologyKaren NivenProfessor in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Elinor O'Connor - PMO Organisational PsychologyElinor O'ConnorSenior Lecturer in Occupational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Courtney elizabeth Owens - PMO Organisational PsychologyCourtney elizabeth OwensLecturer in Leadership And OrganisationAlliance Manchester Business School
Andra Toader - PMO Organisational PsychologyAndra ToaderLecturer0161-2756524Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.011A
Sara Willis - PMO Organisational PsychologySara WillisSenior Lecturer in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Tony Dundon - PMO Human Resource ManagementTony DundonVisiting ProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Damian Grimshaw - PMO Human Resource ManagementDamian GrimshawProfessor of Employment Studies and Director of the European Work and Employment Research Centre0161-3063457Alliance Manchester Business School - E25
Gail Hebson - PMO Human Resource ManagementGail HebsonSenior Lecturer in Employment StudiesAlliance Manchester Business School
Debra Howcroft - PMO Human Resource ManagementDebra HowcroftProfessor of Technology and OrganisationAlliance Manchester Business School
Cristina Inversi - PMO Human Resource ManagementCristina InversiLecturer in Employment Law016127-2755872Alliance Manchester Business School
Mathew Johnson - PMO Human Resource ManagementMathew JohnsonLecturer in Hrm And Employment StudiesAlliance Manchester Business School - EAST-E40
Arjan Keizer - PMO Human Resource ManagementArjan KeizerSenior Lecturer in Comparative HRM and IRs0161-3065886Alliance Manchester Business School - 6.014
Marti Lopez Andreu - PMO Human Resource ManagementMarti Lopez AndreuStaffAlliance Manchester Business School - 6.005
Stefania Marino - PMO Human Resource ManagementStefania MarinoSenior Lecturer in Employment StudiesAlliance Manchester Business School - 6015
Miguel Martinez Lucio - PMO Human Resource ManagementMiguel Martinez LucioProfessor in International HRM and Comparative IRAlliance Manchester Business School
Anne Mcbride - PMO Human Resource ManagementAnne McbrideProfessor of Employment Relations0161-3065863Alliance Manchester Business School - 6.020
Stephen Mustchin - PMO Human Resource ManagementStephen MustchinSenior Lecturer in Employment Studies0161-3068988Alliance Manchester Business School
Anthony Rafferty - PMO Human Resource ManagementAnthony RaffertyProfessor in Employment StudiesAlliance Manchester Business School
Jenny Rodriguez - PMO Human Resource ManagementJenny RodriguezSenior Lecturer0161-2756396Alliance Manchester Business School
Jill Rubery - PMO Human Resource ManagementJill RuberyProfessor / Director of the Work and Equalities InstituteAlliance Manchester Business School
Isabel Tavora - PMO Human Resource ManagementIsabel TavoraSenior Lecturer0161-3068489Alliance Manchester Business School - 6.019