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The Manchester MBA (Master of Business Administration) Degree

Challenge yourself. Change direction. Transform your career.

Why study an MBA? If you are looking to change career, relocate or secure a more challenging role, an MBA could be for you. Whatever your aspirations, the Manchester MBA will take you as far as you want to go.

Where can we take you?

What is an MBA (Masters of Business Administration)? An MBA is a globally-recognised master’s degree. It will provide you will skills and knowledge in all areas of business and management. This will enable you to take on senior leadership roles and thrive in today's competitive global landscape.

Why choose the Manchester MBA? We offer a range of full-time MBApart-time MBA and online MBA courses. Our MBA curriculum focuses on ’learning-by-doing’, global study opportunities and flexibility. You'll start by studying the global business environment and core business and management courses (accounting, finance, marketing, operations and strategy). You'll also take on practical business projects and choose specialist electives. Our MBA cohorts are made up of talented professionals from across the globe. This international network will enrich your learning and open up a world of opportunities. 


Our MBA is ranked 4th in UK

Practical learning with live business challenges

Practical learning with live business challenges

Scholarships available

Scholarships available

International network and six global locations

International network and six global locations

Manchester MBA Degrees

Full-time MBA

Full-time l Manchester + international opportunities l Min. 3 years’ experience | 18, 15 or 12 months

Global Part-time MBA

Part-time l Online + 6 workshops in Manchester, Dubai, Hong Kong,São Paulo, Shanghai or Singapore l Min. 3 years’ experience | 24 or 18 months

Kelley-Manchester Global MBA

Joint MBA with Kelley School of Business, USA l Part-time l Online + 3 workshops in Indiana + Dubai, Hong Kong, Manchester, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore or Washington l Min. 3 years’ experience | 24 months

Facts and figures

Triple accreditation

One of few business schools worldwide with triple accreditation

Pie Chart Circle

101% average salary increase 3 years after graduating (FT Global MBA Ranking 2021)


Frequently asked questions

An MBA is a globally-recognised qualification that was established in the USA in the 1900s. Today, this qualification can be studied all over the world either full-time or via part-time online or blended learning.

The MBA curriculum is designed to help you understand the global business environment and study key areas of business and management, including finance, operations, marketing, strategy and accounting. This gives you the well-rounded knowledge you need to take on senior positions or start your own company. An MBA also helps you develop crucial skills for succeeding in an uncertain world, such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, confidence and creativity.

Alongside core courses, a typical MBA curriculum includes business projects, international study opportunities, internships and electives courses that allow you to specialise in your areas of interest. This is complemented by focused career support, guest speaker and networking events, and social activities.

MBA degrees attract very talented, ambitious and international cohorts. This provides great opportunities for working collaboratively, building a network and developing cross-cultural understanding.

An MBA from a world-class institution such as Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester is recognised around the world.

Rankings and accreditations are one way to guarantee the quality of an MBA programme. Alliance MBS holds triple accreditation from all three major MBA accrediting bodies (only a small group of business schools globally have this). We are also ranked 4th in the UK and in the top 30 globally by the 2021 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.

There are many reasons to study an MBA, which make it is an extremely popular qualification around the world. Some of the most popular reasons are:

  • Faster career progression in your current company or industry
  • Identify future opportunities
  • Gain new skills and knowledge
  • Improve existing skills and knowledge
  • Reach a more senior position more quickly
  • Get a higher salary
  • Gain the necessary qualification for some positions, particularly in the USA
  • Boost your CV with a globally-recognised qualification
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Switch careers, for example industry, job function or location – or all 3
  • Make new business connections from around the world
  • Start your own business
  • Build global business knowledge by exploring business cultures in different global regions
  • Challenge yourself

Yes, an MBA is a Master’s degree (Master of Business Administration).

An MBA is a specific type of Master’s degree that gives you skills and knowledge in many areas of business and management. 

Master’s degrees are often more specialised, so you can become an expert in one area such as accounting, occupational psychology or business analytics. However, there are also more general options, for example MSc Management. 

Masters and MBA qualifications are recognised around the world, but an MBA is particularly well-regarded and widely-recognised as a ‘stamp of approval’ for senior leadership and board positions. 

Age and experience

In the UK, an MBA is aimed at candidates with professional experience. Applicants for the Manchester MBA need at least 3 years of management experience and strong career progression. This means you are studying with an experienced and diverse class who you can learn from.

Masters students are typically 21-24 years old and come straight from an undergraduate degree, although some applicants have work experience. 

Study format

Masters degrees are often studied full-time on-campus, although there is a growing range of online and blended learning options. An MBA can be studied full-time or part-time while you continue to work anywhere in the world.


Our Masters courses start at £12,500 for home students, but can cost up to £31,000 for courses such as accounting. Our MBA degrees range from £27,500 to £45,000, but the return on investment is potentially huge. For example, our MBA graduates typically enjoy an average 101% salary increase within three years of graduation (Financial Times 2021).

A range of scholarships and funding options are available for MBA and Master's degrees. For example, Alliance MBS offers MBA scholarships ranging from £5,000 up to £22,500, 20% alumni discount and loans through our partner, Lendwise.

Career support

Many companies have structured MBA hiring programmes and MBA internship programmes. For both MBA and Masters, business schools have strong links with corporate recruiters and offer excellent career support for students, such as internships, work placements, career workshops, career consultations and recruitment events.


Alliance MBA Master's degrees are typically assessed through a mix of exams, presentation, group projects, course work and a dissertation. Our MBA degrees are assessed through live business projects and ongoing assessments, with no exams or dissertation.

An MBA is an excellent investment that will benefit your career in many ways. Graduates secure senior positions all over the world in different industries. An MBA can also help you change career completely, relocate to a new country or start your own business.

Having an MBA degree can boost your future earning potential significantly. Our MBA graduates typically enjoy a 101% salary increase three years after graduating, with an average salary of $133,956 (Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021).

You do not need to have a business-related degree. Our MBA students hold degrees in many different subjects and have experience across a range of industries, from medicine to media.

We're well connected

As a Manchester MBA, you can study elective courses at any of our global centres. This is a chance to study alongside talented executives from around the world and immerse yourself in new business cultures. You will gain new perspectives, build your network and experience learning that goes beyond the course materials.
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