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Journal articles

- People in a pandemic: Rethinking the role of ‘Community’ in community resilience practices:
- Post-COVID recovery and renewal through whole-of-society resilience in cities:
- Recovering from COVID-19 - The key issues:

The Manchester Briefing, blogs and guest articles

- Introduction to NCSR+:
- Defining a whole-of-society approach to resilience:
- Renewal of Community Resilience: A new local and national resilience capability?:
- What role can communities play in supporting resilience to climate emergencies?:
- Risky business: Look local to learn lessons from the COVID-19 crisis:
- Community resilience: A new capability for local resilience: May 2021
- Recovering from COVID-19: Community Resilience:
- Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments synthesis and analysis report 2022: Pages 82 and 98

Publications where the work of NCSR+ and Recovery, Renewal, Resilience team is cited:

- House of Lords UK resilience report:
- UK Parliament - Preparing for Extreme Risks: Building a Resilient Society Page 59

Global outreach:

- UNDRR Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitment - To support members of the National Consortium for Societal Resilience [UK+] to design and implement a nationally-consistent strategy for societal resilience:
- Making Cities Resilient 2030 (MCR2030) Participating Entity: