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Divisions, Institutes and Centres

Alliance MBS’ research spans four Divisions covering Accounting and Finance, Innovation, Management and Policy, People, Management and Organisations and Management Sciences and Marketing. We are also home to four Institutes covering work and equalities, sustainable consumption, productivity and innovation research; and two Centres: Centre for the Analysis of Investment Risk and Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre.

Our Divisions, Centres and Institutes cover a range of business and management fields and bring together academics from many different disciplines. They combine theoretical rigour with practical policy relevance, resulting in research that is relevant to academics, students and practitioners.

Our Divisions

Our Accounting and Finance Division is one of the leading accounting and finance departments in Europe with a reputation for excellence in research and teaching programmes at all levels.

Accounting and Finance

Our Innovation, Management and Policy Division is one of the largest research groups for innovation management and policy globally.

Innovation, Management and Policy

Our People, Management and Organisations Division brings together internationally-recognised experts in work and employment, organisational psychology, international business, health policy and organisations in society.

People, Management and Organisations

Research in our Management Sciences and Marketing Division from studies to understand consumer motivations and influences to understanding markets, operational, informational and digital systems, decision making, big data, and B2B networks.

Management Sciences and Marketing

Our Institutes

Is a world-leading centre of excellence in the study of science, technology and innovation policy and management. Its research, teaching and engagement activities build on many years of expertise, based upon a guiding principle of excellence, both in terms of academic rigour and societal relevance.

The Institute focuses on the following four key themes:

  • Innovation Management and Competitiveness
  • Emerging Technology, Dynamics and Governance
  • Science, Technology and Innovation, Policy & Organisations
  • System Transitions and Societal Challenges

Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR)

The Productivity Institute, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), brings together world-leading experts from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, working directly with policymakers and businesses to better understand, measure, and enable improvements in productivity across the whole of the UK, with the aim to improve living standard and well-being.

Productivity Institute

The Sustainable Consumption Institute is comprised of academics from Alliance Manchester Business School and the Schools of Social Science and Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester.

The SCI’s research agenda explores how consumption and production systems can be ‘reconfigured’ in order to transition towards less-resource intensive ways of life. 

The Institute has established a distinctive programme of social scientific research with the following key characteristics:

  • A focus on consumption. Placing consumption in the foreground of research allows us to focus on understanding human needs, values, practices and habits.
  • Socio-technical system innovation. Treating production and consumption as systems focuses attention on the relationships between everyday practices, technology, markets, industries, infrastructure, policy and regulation.
  • Politics for a sustainable society. How sustainability discourses are framed, how they relate to everyday practices, and how a wide range of political actors interact across production and consumption systems.
  • Advancing the evidence base. By developing novel and multiple methodological techniques the SCI seeks to make a distinctive contribution to the framing and content of the policy evidence base.

SCI research also makes a significant contribution to our teaching activity. Two new courses have recently been introduced – a Global MBA on Sustainable Business and a University College Course on Innovation for a Sustainable Society – while the SCI also provides content for the MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, and for the recently launched MOOC entitled ‘Managing Responsibly’.

Sustainable Consumption Institute

The agenda of the Work and Equalities Institute is to identify and promote the conditions for more inclusive and fair work and employment arrangements.

The Institute develops world-leading interdisciplinary research, focused around four key themes: business transformation and work futures, fair treatment at work, inequalities and the life course, and regulation and representation.

Work and Equalities Institute

Our Centres

Encompasses research relevant to the professional needs of private, institutional and corporate investors in both domestic and international markets. Its research combines theoretical rigour with practical policy relevance.

The Centre for the Analysis of Investment Risk (CAIR)

A world leading centre of research excellence in the areas of Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems.

Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre

A research hub for digital advancements in finance. It also acts as a knowledge-sharing platform for firms and financial services institutions, and collaborates with industry partners.

The Centre for Financial Technology (FinTech) Studies