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Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeships

A Senior Leader Apprenticeship is a nationally recognised qualification in Leadership funded by the Apprenticeship Levy, and is studied whilst you work.

The Senior Leader Apprenticeship is designed to create leaders who meet the Senior Leader Apprenticeship Standard.

The Senior Leader Standard sets out the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours (KSBs) required for professional competency as a senior leader, in any business or industry sector.

The apprenticeship qualification can also include an academic qualification, such as Postgraduate Diploma or Masters, following on from completing the apprenticeship.

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How can a Senior Leader Apprenticeship work for you?

If you are currently a middle manager aspiring to a more senior position, then a Senior Leader Apprenticeship will help you develop into a more skilled, knowledgeable, and more rounded leader. By the time you complete the programme, you will be fully equipped for a more senior role.

An apprenticeship means your study is linked to your work, which allows you to apply new skills and learning to the workplace, as you learn.

If your employer agrees to support you in your apprenticeship, they will provide at least six hours per week of time dedicated for studying and developing.

Apprentices learn from academic experts and from each other, with dedicated support from a personal tutor and a workplace mentor.

If you see yourself in a senior role in the future, then a Senior Leader Apprenticeship will give you the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours to carry out such a role, alongside the qualifications to prove it.


How can a Senior Leader Apprenticeship work for your organisation?

Employers with a payroll above £3m per year contribute to the Apprenticeship Levy on a monthly basis. This fund can only be spent on approved apprenticeship programmes and accrues each month. This fund expires if unspent after 24 months.

Employers can use their Levy funds to invest in apprenticeships for several strategic benefits:

  • Growing their own senior leaders
  • Attracting and retaining talent in their organisation
  • A pathway for succession planning
  • Part of wider strategic organisation development plans
  • Supporting a strategic agenda, for example, promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Leading at a senior level in the UK today

Studying a Senior Leader Apprenticeship will prepare you to lead and manage at a senior level, in the context of a modern British society.

As part of an apprenticeship, you will understand the importance of British Values and Safeguarding duties, such as Prevent and Anti-Radicalisation, and how you can make that part of your everyday leadership practice.

See below for more information on British Values and Prevent.

British Values

The Valued Principles of the UK are:

Democracy: how citizens influence decisions, and understanding the democratic process in the UK.

Participation in community life: how UK law protects individual citizens’ wellbeing and safety.

Tolerance of those with different beliefs and faiths: that differences in faiths and beliefs should be tolerated, and not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour, and the importance of identifying and combatting discrimination should it occur.

Individual liberty: that there is a freedom to choose and hold different faiths and beliefs and that this is protected in law.

The rule of law: the roles and powers of the executive and the judiciary, and Parliament. Learn more about this in the guide developed to support people applying for British Citizenship.

During the programme, you will be encouraged to explore how you can embed these values in your leadership practice.



You may already be aware of the Government’s Prevent Strategy. Access more information and a free online course on how to support people vulnerable to radicalisation.


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