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Level 7 Apprenticeships

Small and large organisations alike face the ongoing challenge of retaining staff, improving skills and future proofing the workforce. To help keep businesses one step ahead of their challenges, senior leader apprenticeships can be used to help develop the skills and knowledge of their workforce.

By using the Apprenticeship Levy, employers with employees based in England, can access the Apprenticeship Levy and use it to fund development of the next generation of Senior Leaders, through a Senior Leader Apprenticeship.

A Senior Leader Apprenticeship, is designed specifically to equip aspiring managers with the skills, knowledge and behaviour they need to progress to a more senior position.

The programme has been developed around the Senior Leader Standard, a set of behaviours, skills and knowledge that you would expect of a senior leader.

This Senior Leader standard was established by a Trailblazer group, bringing together stakeholder in public and private sectors, representing retail, healthcare, banking, construction, media, logistics, fmcg and utility industries.

This ensures a rigorous standard that will help organisations develop managers and leaders and build sustainable, profitable businesses.

Designed for individuals moving into a senior role, these Level 7 apprenticeships focus on shaping prolific leaders in the private, public, and third sectors. 

Senior Leader Apprenticeships are ideal for those aspiring to progress to more senior positions, for example: Associate director, Business unit head, Chief executive officer, Chief financial officer, Chief information officer, Chief operating officer, Divisional head, Executive director, He registrar, Head of department or Warrant officer.

Senior Leader Apprenticeships

Senior Leader Apprenticeship, including Postgraduate Diploma

The Senior Leader Apprenticeship Postgraduate Diploma Senior Leadership will impart your employees with the leadership and management skills needed to support your business performance and long-term future. 

This level 7 apprenticeship is a blended learning programme, combining at work experience with studying.

Senior Leader Apprenticeship Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

The Senior Leader Apprenticeship Elizabeth Garrett Anderson will equip middle to senior leaders in NHS health and social care with the leadership and management skills needed to meet the demands of senior leadership in healthcare today, and into the future.

This level 7 apprenitceship is a blended learning programme, combining study with experiential learning.