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How businesses relate to the people who work for them has undergone many changes throughout history. The need for businesses and business leaders to split their gaze from growth and development opportunities outside, to explore the inner workings of their organisations, is in sharper focus.

At AMBS, we understand the importance of applying a strategic approach to organisational introspection and our programmes provide advanced insight and learnings to progress domestic and international careers.

Short courses for professionals

Our short business courses (Executive Education) are designed for professionals looking to advance their skills in people and organisational development. Through these courses, professionals combine their experience with the leading psychology, resilience and project management research and add real world application to support and revolutionise their career development.


Our Masters degrees in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations are designed to provide the ability to manage and develop employees, ensure their welfare and understand changes to employment legislation, essential to business survival. Our Masters degree in Business Psychology is ideal for individuals without a BPS (British Psychological Society) accredited degree to pursue a career in organisational psychology, the study of how people and groups behave at work. Our Masters degree in Organisational Psychology is fully accredited by the BPS and provides a solid pathway into a career in occupational psychology.

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An event facilitated by The Business Desk editor, Michael Taylor and hosted by Academic Director of Executive Education, Bryan Lukas, with panellists including’s Lisa Shaftesley, Jo Ahmed, Partner and Leader of the Global Employer Services practice, Deloitte, and Dr Courtney Owens, Lecturer in Leadership and Organisational Psychology at AMBS.

Leadership in a Volatile and Uncertain World

Thursday, March 23, 2023 | News

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