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Reducing stress during exam results season

Hi guys, it is finally summertime and I am pretty sure some of you are really worried about the exam results! Waiting for exam results is a difficult feeling to describe. We all get it, believe me. That sickly feeling of dread, nerves, and fear as the results approach. Students of all ages around the world begin their yearly panic.

It may appear to be a terrifying and daunting prospect, but you can do it! There is no need to panic, worry, or be concerned. You will come out the other side, just like everyone else who is waiting for the results of these exams, and whatever happens, you will be fine. Exams can be difficult for even the most diligent and talented students. An exam result does not define you or your intelligence. While academic performance is important, it is not the only indicator of a well-rounded education. Success is determined by your effort rather than your results. It is far more important to do your best than to be the best. Put in the effort, and the results will speak for themselves.

Here are my suggestions for reducing stress during exam results season:

Don't keep your emotions bottled up

If you're nervous, express it. Tell your family and friends, or keep a diary. Don't be embarrassed about your emotions; you might think no one else is worried, but chances are they are. Talking to your parents about your worries can help you put things into perspective. Keeping stress inside can exacerbate it, so don't keep it all inside.

Maintain a busy, social, and productive schedule

Make a plan, keep busy, and have fun before the big day! Request a family trip, bowling, baking some treats in the kitchen, or going to the movies. If you think it will help with results day stress, you should plan some quality time with your friends. Feeling absorbed is a great way to distract yourself from bothersome thoughts.

Listen to music

Music can have a profound effect on how you feel. Classical music has a calming effect, but any music you enjoy will suffice. Relax by listening to something soothing, or turn up the volume and sing your heart out. Whatever suits you!

Get a good night's rest

This may be the last thing on your mind the evening before results day, but a good night's sleep will prepare you for what lies ahead.

Don't be upset if things don't go as planned! Low grades are not the end of the world! Many famous achievers did not succeed on their first try, but this did not discourage them. And if you do get the desired exam results, congratulations and remember to celebrate your tremendous achievement.

Best wishes!