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Corporate Mentor Partner Programme

Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), has launched a unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) driven corporate partner mentor programme.

Driven by a wider social responsibility initiative, the programme is set up to provide amazing development opportunities for our students in combination with fulfilling and aligned CSR goals, all supporting the wider social responsibility agenda.

We work with exclusively selected organisations that can provide real value added to our students.

The aims of the programme

  • Provide real life development opportunities for students and mentors
  • Develop transferable skills such as communication, leadership, time management, innovation, self-motivation and confidence
  • Expanding networks for both students and potential employers
  • Create long term partnership between the selected organisations and the University of Manchester.


How does it work?

  • Organisations will commit to provide mentors for a minimum of 5 students over a 6-month period
  • After discussions with programme coordinators, students will be invited to the specific mentoring programs
  • A period of sign-ups of mentors and mentees will follow. Matching will start, a “launch event” will take place and off you go! (See timelines below for specific details).


Why should your organisation engage with the programme?

  • Align with or fulfil your organisations CSR agenda
  • Develop/invest in internal staff
  • Provide direct access to potential recruits
  • Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas
  • Change someone’s world.


Why students engage with the programme

  • Helps individuals to set and achieve goals and identify opportunities to develop
  • Enhances employability skills
  • Provides a useful sounding board - critical friend - encouragement and feedback
  • Helps to develop connections and expand professional network
  • Provides a role model(s) - examples to learn from
  • Fosters self-confidence.



Spaces on the mentoring programmes are limited. It is a unique opportunity to be accepted onto the programme. We therefore have strict rules of engagement.

As a participant of any of the CMP Programmes, you must engage with the process, complete, and set goals, schedule regular meetings in the online mentoring platform (Pushfar), complete the Mentoring Pulse after each meeting and respond in a timely and respectful manner to communication.

We understand there may be exceptional circumstances, but would require as early notice as possible should you not be able to complete your obligations.


Timeline for programme set-up


Organisation administrator indicates the expected numbers of mentors and mentoring relationships they can support (one mentor can have several mentees).


Day 1

  • Sign up links are sent to potential mentors within the mentoring organisation
  • The organisation has 7 days for mentors to sign up
  • The numbers of mentors/mentoring relationships that can be provided are confirmed by the organisation.

Day 8

  • Sign up links are shared with future mentees for sign up
  • Students have 7 days to sign up and complete profile.

Day 8-14

  • Mentees and mentors are encouraged to start messaging suitable matches. (See guidance on messaging before requesting a mentor/mentee) and as suitable/agreed, request a mentoring relationship.

Day 21-24

  • Mentoring relationships reviewed, latest day for participants to complete Pre-set Goal 1 (Platform guidelines) and Goal 2 (Mentor/mentee guidelines). Early completion of goals are encouraged.

Day 25

  • If you have not already scheduled your first mentor meeting. Now is the time!


6 months CMP programme overview


  • Mentoring meetings taking place minimum once per month. Meetings are scheduled through Pushfar. After each meeting, complete “Mentoring pulse”.

End of month 2

  • Engagement in the mentoring programme is evaluated
  • Disengaged individuals (meaning having not completed minimum of one meeting and having at least one more scheduled) will be asked to leave the programme Spaces are highly sought after with a long waiting list, so commitment to the opportunity is a requirement to stay in the programme.

Beginning month 4

  • Halfway check. A check in how everything is going. This could be an evaluation, an informal get together, a check in with programme administrator - basically a check up to see if everything is going according to plan, or if any adjustment/nudges are needed.

End of month 6

  • The “official” mentoring programme is finishing
  • However, we strongly suggest a “final reflective session” with mentors/mentee to evaluate if you achieved what you hoped and how you see the future
  • You will also be asked to complete a formal evaluation.

A “closing event” could be possible subject to availability.