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Full-time MBA careers service

Our career consultants enjoy getting to know you individually.

At Alliance MBS, you will receive career support throughout your MBA journey – starting before you even arrive in Manchester.

Working together

You will receive career support alongside your academic journey. Our dedicated team of Senior Careers Consultants will get to know you personally and work as your career partners. Shortly before you arrive in Manchester, we will contact you to establish the foundations for your personalised, five-stage MBA career journey.

Throughout the MBA, we provide tools to increase your employability, plus support to develop and execute your career plans. Our five-stage, personalised career journey will help you plan your post-MBA career and increase your employability.

Step 1


Who are you and what do you offer the employment market?

Step 2

Personal Branding

CV’s, cover letters, online presence, elevator pitch.

Step 3


Information sessions, club events and meetings with alumni to help you understand your target market(s) and role(s).

Step 4


Map out your application strategy.

Step 5


Submit job applications.

Your five-stage career journey is supported by:

  • Weekly career skills workshops (scheduled during your core academic programme)
  • Sessions with external specialist career practitioners
  • Unlimited individual meetings with experienced Senior Careers Consultants
  • On-campus recruitment activities including the annual ‘Careers Expo’, guest speakers, industry experts, company recruitment presentations
  • Networking events in London and Manchester
  • Student clubs: Banking & Finance; Energy & Industry; Technology; Media & Telecoms; Consulting; Marketing & Retail
  • Events focusing on entrepreneurship and women in business
  • Business competitions
  • Practice interviews
  • Your own initiatives and ideas to develop your business networks and validate your plans
Chris Garnett

"We provide tools to increase your attractiveness to employers, meet with you individually to develop and execute your career plans, and facilitate on and off-campus meetings with a wide range of potential recruiters. Your success is also our success; our partnership with you continues long after you graduate."

- Chris Garnett, Head of Postgraduate Careers & Employability

Helping you develop

Our careers team also coordinates MBA clubs, MBA competitions and our Gold Mentoring Scheme to help you build industry links, stand out on a global stage, gain advice and expand your network.

Take advantage of student-led clubs to boost your CV and build your list of contacts. These long-established clubs benefit from Alliance MBS' fantastic industry links and connections with similar student organisations across the world.

As a club member you will access exclusive events, such as guest speakers, company visits and competitions. This will help you:

  • Gain knowledge of different sectors
  • Develop new skills
  • Make valuable industry connections by networking with professionals, alumni, academics and students from other business schools
  • Share knowledge and ideas
  • Enhance your CV and employability

Current student clubs:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Consulting
  • Energy and Industry
  • Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Marketing and Retail
  • Technology, Media and Telecoms
  • Women Leading in BusinessForum

Example club activities:

  • Networking events, e.g. breakfasts, dinners and panel debates
  • Company treks e.g. BP, Morrisons, Astra Zeneca, IFM Investors, Google, Jaguar Land Rover, Prodigy Finance, Airbus, Microsoft
  • On-site guest speakers and webinars
  • Industry conferences
  • Training workshops
  • Social events

Throughout the programme, we encourage students to participate in competitions in the UK and further afield. Not only are competitions a great opportunity to boost your CV and build your contact base, they are also a highlight of the MBA for many students. We encourage our MBAs to attend as many competitions as possible, for example:


  • mba students with competition certificates

The Gold MBA Mentoring Programme is an innovative mentoring scheme that puts MBA students in touch with senior industry professionals (mostly alumni). The MBAs can benefit from the professionals' coaching, advice and insights, while for the professional it is an opportunity to expand their business network and maintain links with the school.

The mentoring programme, launched in September 2001, is offered to Full-time MBA students during their first year of studies (although it often continues further by mutual consent).

The programme runs from registration in September to the following June. The method and frequency of contact are agreed by the mentor and mentee.

Reid Howard

"I had a mentor through the Gold Mentoring programme. He was an alumnus from a few years back, so he could relate to my experiences. It was good to meet for coffee and talk over my plans with someone outside of the programme."

- Reid Howard, Class of 2014, Private Wealth Advisor, CFI Financial Advisors, Virginia, USA

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