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Investment decisions: Data, Finance, Risk and Management

Any kind of investment decision involves uncertainty and ambiguity, with success depending on how both are dealt with. At CAIR we study investment decisions as processes which involve data processing, models, and data visualisations, and which are in need of being governed in order to generate balanced outcomes for investors and various other stakeholders affected by the decision.

The effort to understand and formulate good decisions is underpinned by theoretical frameworks, methodology, data, measurements and valuations. It is also underpinned by the need to mediate between various objectives at different organisational levels, and in forms that aggregate the choices of individuals, firms, households, governments, organisations and society.

At CAIR our members and affiliates are dedicated to investigating the dynamics and interactions of these various aspects of investments, and we are interested in all kinds of investment decisions and their impact. Examples of our focus areas include - but are not restricted to - corporate governance, corporate finance, asset pricing, market-based accounting research, risk analysis, decision science, financial derivatives, fintech, market microstructure, mergers and acquisitions, and investment in large physical, digital and social infrastructures.