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The Manchester Professional Diploma in Leadership

Enhance your leadership and business skills and demonstrate your commitment to continued professional development

Manchester Professional Diploma
Manchester Professional Diploma in Leadership

Complete any four of our short business courses to achieve the Manchester Professional Diploma in Leadership

Designed to equip you with practical, impactful skills to implement into your organisation, the Manchester Professional Diploma in Leadership allows you to strategically plan your professional learning journey by choosing short business courses that align with your career interests.

Whilst each of our short courses is a Professional Certificate in its own right, by completing any four of our four-day short business courses from our extensive portfolio, you will be awarded with the Manchester Professional Diploma in Leadership.


Solutions to your unique business challenges

Curate your own professional development programme, combining applied theory and practical approaches to your own unique business challenges

Flexible learning pace

Learn at a pace which fits into your lifestyle and commitments by having 4 years to complete the diploma

Expand your network

Connect with a diverse group of business leaders and expand your professional network as you complete each course

Personal growth

Prioritise your personal growth as you strengthen your unique skill set in areas that interest you

Dynamic learning environment

Engage with Alliance Manchester Business School’s world-leading academic faculty in a dynamic learning environment


By undertaking the Manchester Professional Diploma, you will have the opportunity to participate in three executive coaching sessions.

These sessions will aim to:

  • Support you in applying your new toolkit of strategies, industry insights and knowledge back into your organisation
  • Acknowledge any gaps in your leadership skillset to help you identify which courses in our portfolio will benefit you the most
  • Align your personal and professional goals with your organisation’s aims and objectives

Speak to a team member

If you have any questions or would like to chat to us about the Manchester Professional Diploma in Leadership and how it could benefit you, please get in touch with one of our course advisors

Louise Mccammond

Louise McCammond

Head of Client Relations

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If I have completed one or two qualifying short courses in the past, will these count towards the MPDL?

Yes, if you have previously completed one or two short business courses at Alliance Manchester Business School these will be considered for the Manchester Professional Diploma in Leadership.   

How do I register?

If you are interested in completing the diploma, please get in touch with one of our course advisors who can support you in making the right course selection for you.

When is payment due?

You will pay for each course individually as per our terms and conditions. You will benefit from 20% discount on the final three courses, this discount will be applied on the third and fourth course.

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