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Find a doctoral supervisor

Our academic staff pride themselves on developing close working relationships with their students. A successful relationship brings benefits to both parties; your experience can inform your supervisor's research while their expertise will help shape yours'. Additionally, the fit between your proposal and supervisory team is taken into account in application and funding decisions.

Search for a supervisor by exploring research interests of staff across our research divisions. You can do this by expanding the lists below and identifying keywords that match your research interest. Click on the supervisor for a full research profile.

Our academics by division

Name Role Email Research Supervisory Interests Include:
Mr Sameh Amer Lecturer in Accounting & Finance Audit professional work decision making ESG social role of audit
Prof Kevin Aretz Professor of Finance Asset Pricing, Real Options, Derivatives Pricing, Alternative-Asset (i.e., non-stock) Pricing, Corporate Finance, Econometrics, and Causal Inference (e.g., DID) Designs.
Dr Christos Begkos Senior Lecturer in Management Accounting Digital, Transformation, Practice Theory, Platforms, Evaluation, Management Accounting, Value, Datafication
Dr Sung Hwan Chai Lecturer in Accounting Digital Platform, Information Systems, Management Accounting, Surveillance,  Digital Transformation, Ethics and Morality, Audit
Dr Sungjun Cho Senior Lecturer in Finance International Finance, Market Microstructure, Financial Econometrics
Dr George Christodoulakis Senior Lecturer in Finance Credit Risk, Credit Ratings, Structured Finance; Sustainable Finance; Financial Crime, Behavioral Finance, Financial Econometrics, Forecasting
Prof Viet Dang Professor of Finance Empirical Corporate Finance, Capital Structure, Cash Holdings, Payout, Investment, Risk Taking, ESG (Environmental/Social/Governance) and Sustainability. 
Prof Amedeo De Cesari Professor of Finance Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Payout Policy, Mergers, Executive Compensation, Innovation
Dr Mohammad Dehghani Lecturer in Accounting & Finance Empirical Finance, Asset Pricing, Empirical Macroeconomics, Business Cycle, and Times Series Econometrics
Dr Oluwatoyin Dosumu Lecturer in Accounting & Finance Initial Public Offerings; Business History; Family Ownership
Prof Marie Dutordoir Professor of Finance Corporate Finance, Sustainability, Green Finance, Security Offerings, Convertible Bonds, Mergers and Acquisitions
Dr Chanaka Ganepola Lecturer in Finance Commodity Markets, Liquidity, Energy Finance, Speculation, Price Co-movement
Prof Ning Gao Professor of Finance Corporate Finance, Sustainable Finance, (ESG) Environmental/Social/Governance Risks, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Innovation, Financial System Information.
Dr Spyridon Gkikopoulos Lecturer in Accounting Stock Return Predictability, Financial Statement Analysis, Value-Relevance Of Accounting Information, Corporate Taxation, Corporate Tax Planning
Dr Yazhou He Lecturer in Finance Institutional Investors, Shareholder Activism, Corporate Governance, ESG, Mutual Funds, Voting
Prof Christopher Humphrey Professor of Accounting Developing the Concept/Purpose of Auditing 
Prof Stuart Hyde Professor of Finance Empirical Finance, International Financial Markets, Financial Crises and Contagion, Financial Market Integration and Comovement, Emerging Markets Finance, Market Microstructure
Dr Emiel Jerphanion Lecturer in Finance Household Finance, Corporate Finance, Banking
Dr Wei Jiang Senior Lecturer in Accounting Market-Based Accounting Research, Corporate Governance, Loss-Making Firms, ESG, Accounting Anomalies, Dividends
Dr Julian Jones Lecturer in Accounting & Finance Make or Buy, Decision Making Uncertainty
Prof Arif Khurshed Professor of Finance Initial Public Offerings, Venture Capital, Payout Policy
Dr Nooch Kuasirikun Senior Lecturer in Accounting Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, GRI Reporting with a Focus on Developing Economies and Emerging Markets. 
Prof Edward Lee Professor of Accounting and Finance Corporate Disclosure, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr Yifan Li Lecturer in Finance Financial Econometrics, Time Series, High-Frequency Finance, Asset Pricing
Prof Hening Liu Professor of Finance Macro-finance, Asset Pricing, Ambiguity Preferences, Long-run Risk, Uncertainty
Prof Maria Marchica Professor of Finance Empirical Corporate Finance and Governance: Shareholders' and Managerial Incentives; Financial Contracting; Public vs Private Firms Decisions; Firm Digitalization
Prof Sven Modell Professor Management Accounting, Management Control, Public Sector Accounting, Sociology, Critical Realism, Institutional Theory, Mixed Methods Research
Prof Roberto Mura Professor of Finance Corporate Finance, Ownership Structure, Links Between Ownership Firm Decisions, Capital Structure, Financing Constraints, Portfolio Choice Related to Firm Risk Taking. Banking and Various Aspects of Behavioural Finance - Role of Gender and the Motherhood Penalty
Prof Brian Nicholson Professor of Business Information Systems Accounting Information Systems; Digital Platforms; IT in Development; Outsourcing;
Prof Brendan O'Dwyer Professor of Accounting Sustainability Accounting, Sustainability Assurance, Sustainability Reporting, Neo-institutional Theory, Financial Audit, Regulation of Professions, Climate-related Risk, Human Rights Accounting.
Dr Yoichi Otsubo Lecturer in Finance Social Finance and Economics, Narrative Economics, Textual Analysis, Options Implied Information, Market Microstructure, Financial Time Series Analysis, Behavioural Finance, Machine Learning.
Dr Stefan Petry Lecturer in Finance Corporate Governance, Textual Analysis, NLP, Machine Learning, Social Media, ESG, Climate Finance
Dr Ser-Huang Poon Professor of Finance Natural Language Processing with Transformer & Embedding; Machine Learning (Quantitative, Text, Voice, Image), Large Language Model, AI ChatBot; Corporate Disclosure & Reputation Risks, Sustainability & Human Rights; Modern Slavery in Supply Chains; Social Media Influencers & Retail Investors; Volatility Forecasting & Extreme Values;
Dr Ahmed Prapan Lecturer in Accounting & Finance Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Cash Holding
Dr Vlad-Andrei Porumb Reader of Accounting Auditing, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability Assurance,  Banking, Business Groups
Prof Paolo Quattrone Professor of Accounting, Governance & Society Decision Making, Ambiguity and Uncertainty, Materiality and Data Visualizations, Governance, Major Programmes and Grand Challenges; History of Management and Accounting Practices; Accounting for Nature and Common Good
Dr Patrick Ryu Lecturer in Accounting Financial Accounting, Disclosures, Regulations, Executive Compensation, Institutional Investors, Insider Trading
Prof Brahim Saadouni Professor of Accounting & Finance The Compensation of the Underwriters of Initial Public Offerings and Seasoned Equity Offerings, Incentive Fees, Issuers and Underwriters, Role Anchor Investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Green (inc Faith) vs Conventional Bonds
Dr Thomas Schleicher Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance Corporate Communication, Earnings Guidance, Narratives, Investor Communication, Trading Statements
Prof Javed Siddiqui Professor of Accounting Audit, CSR, Sustainability, Emerging Economies, Corporate Governance
Dr Paul Simpson Senior Lecturer in Finance Mergers and Acquisitions; Cross Border Deals; Merger Policy; 
Prof Konstantinos Stathopoulos Professor of Accounting and Finance Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation, Corporate Finance, Market Based Accounting 
Dr Chi-Yang (Ben) Tsou Lecturer in Finance Asset Pricing, Macro-finance, Corporate Finance
Dr Jonathan Tweedie Lecturer in Accounting Critical Accounting, Environmental Accounting, Transparency, Accountability, Performance Measurement
Dr Sze Nie Ung Lecturer in Accounting & Finance Investor sentiment; Return prediction; Empirical asset pricing
Dr George Voulgaris Senior Lecturer in Accounting Corporate Governance; Financial Accounting; Corporate Disclosure; Institutional Ownership; Executive Pay; Corporate Taxation; Mixed Methods; Agency Theory
Dr Alice Liang Xu Lecturer in Accounting ESG, ESG Reporting, Climate Change, Climate Reporting, Debt Contracting, Debt Covenants, Syndicated Loan
Dr ChunLei Yang Senior Lecturer in Accounting Accounting, Informational Uncertainty, Space, Place, Ambivalence, People-place Relationships, Organizational Identification
Dr Sofia Yasmin Senior Lecturer in Accounting Qualitative Accounting Research, NGO Accountability and Governance, Audit, CSR, Developing Economies
Dr Sarah Zhang Lecturer in Finance Market Microstructure, FinTech, Experimental Finance, High-frequency Trading
Dr Yafei Zhang Lecturer in Finance Financial Intermediation and Banking, Securitization, Securities Issuances, Information Economics, Industrial Organization
Name Role Email Research Supervisory Interests Include:
Dr Mercedes Bleda Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Innovation Behavioral Strategy, Managerial Cognition, Strategic Decision Making, Organisational Adaptation to Climate Change, Innovation and Innovation Policy
Dr Catherine Casson Lecturer History of Entrepreneurship; Long Run Perspectives on Sustainability; Business History; Economic History
Dr Elaine  Clark Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Management Narrative. 'Leadership as Performance', Mental Well-being, Confidence, Reflection, Patient involvement, Student voice.  
Dr Adam Frost Senior Lecturer, IMP Innovation, Strategy and Sustainability Entrepreneurship Education/Pedagogy, Start-Ups, New Venture Growth, Entrepreneurs 
Dr Dimitri Gagliardi Senior Lecturer, IMP Innovation, Strategy and Sustainability Science, Technology & Innovation; Medical Innovation; Diffusion of Medical Knowledge and Technologies; Translational Research; Pharmaceutical innovation; MedTech, Digital, AI; Diffusion of Innovation;   
Dr Chris Golding Lecturer in Innovation & Strategy Behavioural Strategy, Strategy Process, Innovation Process, Emotion
Prof Mark Healey Professor of Strategic Management Behavioural Strategy, Managerial and Organisational Cognition, Strategic Leadership, Strategic Decision Making
Prof Mike Hodson Professor and Research Director of the SCI Urban Sustainability Transitions, Urban Experimentation, Urban (Socio-technical) Innovation, Urban Platforms and Platformisation
Prof Andrew James Senior Lecturer, IMP Innovation, Strategy and Sustainability Innovation Management; Adoption of Digitalisation and AI; Policy Entrepreneurship; Technological Sovereignty; China-UK Research Collaboration; Public Procurement and Innovation; Aerospace, Defence and Security Sector
Dr Aarti Krishnan Lecturer in Innovation & Sustainability Value/Supply Chains, Sustainable Innovations, Environmental Governance, Small-medium Enterprises, Green Finance, Green and Digital Transformation, Social Network Analysis, Impact Evaluation
Dr Elisabeth Krull Lecturer in Innovation Strategy (esp. strategising and / or innovating) Climate Change Mitigation and / or Adaptation; Use of Strategy Tools, Innovation Processes / Management, Strategy-as-Practice, Paradox Theory / Navigating Tensions, Knowledge Integration / Coordination, Heterogeneous Knowledge for Innovation and Strategy, Insurance industry
Dr Cornelia Lawson Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) AI in Science; Evaluation of Research; Diversity in Science; Female Entrepreneurship; Science-based Startups; Team Science; AI in Health; Econometrics
Dr Yajing Li Lecturer Quantitative, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Industry-academic Interaction (Academic Entrepreneurship, Firm Publication, University-firm Alliance), Diversity (Gender & Race), Family Firms, Chinese Context
Dr Khaleel Malik Senior Lecturer, IMP Innovation, Strategy and Sustainability Innovation strategy in firms, Digitalisation in R&D, University and industry collaborations, International technology transfer in MNCs
Dr Rob Martin Lecturer (Enterprise & Entrepreneurship) Enterprise Entrepreneurship Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation Sport Football Sustainability Economic Social Governance (ESG) 
Prof Silvia Massini Professor of Economic and Management of Innovation Innovation Management, Digital Technologies for Sustainability, AI, 3D Printing, Skills
Dr Matthew McCaffrey Senior Lecturer in Enterprise Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Judgment, Uncertainty, Video Games, Institutions, History of Economic Thought, Austrian Economics
Prof Philip McCann Chair of Urban and Regional Economics Cities, Regions, Productivity, Investment, Innovation, Labour Markets
Prof Andrew McMeekin Professor of Innovation Sustainability Transitions, Urban Sociotechnical Change, Imaginaries and Futures, Platformization
Dr Shukhrat Nasirov Lecturer in Innovation Innovation; Technology Management; Intellectual Property Rights; Strategy
Dr Adrian Nelson Lecturer in Health Management Healthcare Management, Leadership, Stress,Psychology, Statistics,Research Methods
Prof Raquel Ortega-Argilés Chair Regional Economic Development Regional Innovation, Regional Entrepreneurship, Industrial Relatedness and Complexity, Productivity, Knowledge Diffusion, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy, Levelling Up, Econometric Analysis and Economic Modelling. 
Dr Kassandra Papadopoulou Senior Lecturer in Enterprise Innovation Management, Risk Management, Technology Development, Blockchain, Acoustic Reflectometry, Pipeline Inspections, Reliability & Maintenance Engineering, Oil & Gas
Dr Adrien Querbes Lecturer, IMP Innovation, Strategy and Sustainability Digital/Platform Industries, Computational Modelling, Evolutionary Modelling, Strategic / Collective Decision-making, Collective Innovation, New Product Development
Dr Mina Rezaeian Lecturer in Innovation Sustainability Transitions, Transition Policies, Policy Mix, Business Model Adaptation
Dr Marianna Rolbina Lecturer in Digital Innovation Creative Industries; Digital Innovation; Co-creation; Open Innovation; Brokerage; International Business
Dr Fatemeh Salehi Lecturer Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Education, Start-ups, SMEs, Commercialisation, Business Networks, Emerging Technologies
Mrs Mabel Sanchez Barrioluengo Senior Lecturer in Science Policy and Innovation University-society Relationship, Digital Transformation and Changes in Firms Business Models, Digital Technologies, Human Capital and Skills
Prof Philip Shapira Professor of Innovation Management Science, Technology and Innovation Policy; Emerging Technologies and Governance; Responsible Research and Innovation; AI in Science and Manufacturing; Regional Innovation; Policy Evaluation
Dr Karl Taeuscher Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Framing, Strategic Positioning, Cultural Entrepreneurship, Pivoting, Startup Growth & Performance, Legitimation and Resource Acquisition of New Ventures, Strategic Categorization, Quantitative Methods
Prof Bruce Tether Professor of Innovation Management Innovation Management, Design, Strategy, Economic Geography, Professional Services, Innovation Policy, Law and Economics, Political Economy
Prof Elvira Uyarra Professor of Innovation Studies Place-based Innovation Policy, Transformative Innovation Policy, Public Procurement, Clusters, Innovation Districts, University-industry Links
Prof Kieran Walshe Professor of Health Management Health Services Research, Organisation and Delivery of Healthcare, Quality and Safety in Healthcare., Organisational and Professional Regulation, Healthcare Workforce, Public Inquiries and Investigationsc, Research Policy and Strategy in Government, Healthcare Innovation
Dr Lee Webster Lecturer in Enterprise Information Literacy
Name Role Email Research Supervisory Interests Include:
Prof Richard Allmendinger Professor of Applied AI AI Algorithm Development and Application, Heuristic Optimisation, Reinforcement Learning, Generative AI, Algorithms for Non-standard Problems, Bayesian Optimisation, Application Domains Including Finance, Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Private Equity, Biochemical Engineering, Music, Sports, Privacy
Prof Emma Banister Professor of Consumption And Society Consumer Culture, Consumption, Identity, Social Impact, Fatherhood, Motherhood, Gender, Parental Leave Policies
Prof Jamie Burton Professor of Marketing Services Marketing; (B2B and B2C) Customer Experience and Engagement; Servitization/Service Infusion; Digitalization; Digital Service Innovation; Tensions and Territoriality; Networks/Ecosystems; Sustainability and Circularity.
Prof Michelle Carter Professor of Information Systems, Management Sciences IT Identity, Identity Theories, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Information Systems, Individual IT Use Behavior, Information Systems Management, Behavioral Research
Dr Kam Ho Tommy Chan Senior Lecturer in Management Science Technology Use and Wellbeing, Digital Business and Online Consumer Behaviors, Digital Communities and Social Media
Dr Simos Chari Senior Lecturer in Marketing Management & Strategy Strategy Implementation, Responsiveness, Improvisation, Strategic Change, Strategic Renewal, Performance Analytics, Corporate Sustainability
Prof Yu-wang Chen Professor in Decision Sciences and Business Analytics Data-Driven Decision Making; Data Analytics and AI; Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis; Risk Analysis; Intelligent Reasoning, Optimization and Decision
Dr Ilma Nur Chowdhury Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marketing Sustainability and Services Management, Digital Services and Digital Responsibility, Transformative Service Research, Social Innovation, Social Business, Vulnerable Customers, Meeting Net-Zero Targets.
Dr Arijit De Lecturer in Management Science Supply Chain Management, Freight and Maritime Logistics, Port and Shipping Operations, Sustainable and Risk Management within Supply Chain, Operation Research Based Mathematical Model, Advance Machine Learning Techniques, Problem-based Heuristics and Approximation Algorithm, Agent-Based Simulation Model
Prof Heiner Evanschitzky Professor of Marketing Retailing; Technology in Retailing, Retail Marketing, Customer Inspiration, Multilevel-modelling, Quantitative Research, Field Experiments
Dr Leandro Galli Lecturer in Marketing Prosocial Behaviour, Charitable Giving, Consumer Psychology, Cause-related Marketing, Morality, Emotions, Sustainability
Dr Alex Gunz Senior Lecturer in Marketing Social Psychology, Consumer Behaviour, Self, Identity, Wellbeing, Self-determination Theory
Prof Julia Handl Professor in Decision Sciences Graph Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Multicriterion Optimisation, Multicriterion Decision Making, Clustering, Unsupervised Learning
Prof Lloyd Harris Professor in Marketing Customer Misbehaviour, Dysfunctional Service, Service Marketing, Employee Misbehaviour, Tourism Service, Service Dynamics, Customer Complaining
and Orientation
Dr Magda Hassan Lecturer in Marketing Marketing Strategy, SDGs, Inequality, Micro-entrepreneurship, Emerging Markets, ESG, Sustainability, Better Marketing for a Better World (BMBW), Quantitative Analysis
Dr Ali Hassanzadeh Lecturer in Management Science Mathematical Modeling and Optimization, Stochastic Programming, Simulation, Machine Learning and AI, Sports Analytics, Transportation and Logistics, Algorithm Design/Metaheuristics
Prof Hongwei He Professor of Marketing CSR, Sustainable Consumption, Pro-social Behavior, Pro-environmental Behavior, AI, Explainable AI, Business Ethics
Prof Fahian Huq Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Risk Management in Supply Chains, Supply Chain Configuration, Innovative Operations and SCM Practices in Emerging Economies,
Challenges in Procurement, Technological Impact on Operations and SCM: Technology Automation, AI, and Data Analytics, Supply Chain and Operations Management
Dr Abbie Iveson Lecturer in Marketing Consumer Brand Relationships, Social Media Branding, Social Media Internationalisation, Brand-love
Dr Matti Jaakkola Senior Lecturer in Marketing Management and Strategy Strategic Marketing, Marketing Resources, Organisational Capabilities, Marketing Performance Measurement, Marketing Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience, Service Quality
Dr Sumin Kim Lecturer in Marketing Corporate Social (ir)responsibility, Corporate Digital Responsibility, Brand Activism, Emotion, Consumer Behavior
Dr Andrea Lagna Senior Lecturer in Financial Technology Fintech and the Future of Finance; AI and Data-driven Technologies; Financialization and Financial Innovations; Digitalization and Digital Innovations; Institutionalism; Socio-technical Perspective and Sociomateriality; Power and Information Systems; Qualitative Research
Dr Manuel López-Ibáñez Senior Lecturer in Decision Sciences and Business Analytics Optimisation, Scheduling, Routing, Machine Learning, Reproducible Research, Machine (virtual) Decision-makers, Behavioural Aspects of Interactive Decision-making, Operational Research
Prof Bryan Lukas Professor of Marketing Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behaviour, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Market Research, Product and Services Innovation, Advertising & Sales
Dr Tatiana Martinez Lecturer in Management Science Information Systems, e-Government, Data, Open Data, Transparency and Accountability, Corruption, Anti-Corruption, Open Government, GovTech, Smart Cities, Technology Governance, Cognitive IS, Artificial Intelligence
Prof Nikolay Mehandjiev Professor of Enterprise Information Systems Adoption of Intelligent Enterprise Systems; Explainable Artificial Intelligence; Immersive 3D Visualisations and Decision Support in MetaVerse; Digital Transformation
Dr Fanlin Meng Lecturer in Data Science Machine Learning, Privacy-preserving, Operational Research, Data-driven Optimisation, Game Theory, Smart Energy, Energy Market, Transportation and Logistics
Dr Luis Ospina-Forero Lecturer in Data Science Network Analysis, Statistics, Prediction Models, Causal Analysis, Time Series Forecasting
Prof Nadia Papamichail Professor of Management Sciences Decision Behaviour, Decision Analytics, Decision Support, AI Ethics, Responsible AI, Digital Strategy, Knowledge Management, Environmental Decision Making, Crisis Management
Dr Grigory Pishchulov Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Supply Chain Management Contracting in Supply Chains, Supply Chain Coordination Under Asymmetric Information, Partial integration in Supply Chains via Equity Holding, Closed-loop Supply Chains
Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Digital Platforms and Supply Chain Management
Prof Antony Potter Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management and Head of Management Sciences and Marketing Division Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean Manufacturing, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management
Prof Joao Quariguasi Frota Neto Chair in Operations Management Close-loop Supply Chains and the Interface Between Operations, Analytics and Finance
Dr Eghbal Rahimikia Assistant Professor in Financial Technology Financial Technology, Quantitative Finance, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Financial Forecasting, Large Language Models.
Dr Pedro Sampaio Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Information Systems and Data Science Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Information Systems, Decision Support, Digital Platforms, Design Theories, Complex Systems Design, Collaborative Intelligence
Dr Panagiotis Sarantopoulos Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marketing Substantive: Retailing and Pricing, Digital Marketing (broadly defined), Consumers and AI, Methodological: Experiments (Online, Lab, Field, Quasi-), Regression Models
Prof Duncan Shaw Professor of Operational Research and Critical Systems Societal Resilience, Soft Operational Research, Systems Thinking, Problem Structuring Methods, Community Operational Research
Dr Chris Smith Senior Lecturer in Operations and Critical Systems Soft OR; Systems Thinking; Qualitative, Supply Chain Management, Socially Responsible Supply Chain Management, Resilience
Dr Hai-Anh Tran Lecturer in Marketing Consumer Psychology, Marketing Communication, Service Marketing, CSR, Text Mining
Prof Dong-Ling Xu Professor of Decision Science and Systems Evidential Reasoning, Bayes Reasoning, Evidence Based Decision Making, and Their Applications in Business, Engineering and Professional Services
Dr Xian Yang Lecturer in Data Science Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Multimodal Learning
Prof Jian-Bo Yang Professor of Decision and System Sciences Evidential Reasoning, Probabilistic Rule-based Modelling and Learning, Bayes Inference, Evidence-based Decision Making, Decision Support Systems, and Their Applications in Business, Engineering and Professional Services
Prof Judy Zolkiewski Professor of Marketing Business-to-business Relationships and Networks, Business-to-business Services, Servitization
Name Role Email Research Supervisory Interests Include:
Dr Matthew Alford Senior Lecturer in International Business and Management Global Value Chains, Governance, Globalisation, Sustainability, Global Production Networks, Labour, Decent Work, Environment, Upgrading
Dr Francisca Alvarez Figueroa Lecturer in Employment Studies Organizational Citizenship Behaviours, Organizational Justice, HRM, EDI, Employee Voice
Dr Cassandra Bowkett Lecturer in Human Resource Management New Technology (robotics, automation and AI), Impacts on Future of Work/Skills, Skill Systems, Changes in Skill Investment, Skills Policy, Firm Training Investment, Cross National Studies, Human Resource/Employer Strategies in Workforce Skills, Development and Planning
Prof Peter Buckley Professor of International Business International Business, Multinational Enterprise, Globalization, Emerging Market Multinationals Multinationals and Grand Challenges, Global Value Chains
Prof Naomi Chambers Professor of Health Management Healthcare Policy; Non-profit Board Level Governance; Public Leadership; Healthcare Management
Dr Zibang Chen Lecturer in International Business OFDI, Emerging Market, Location Choice, Entry Mode, Institutions, Political Risk
Prof Sharon Clarke Professor of Organisational Psychology Safety Culture/Climate, Health/Wellbeing, Occupational Stress/Resilience, Leadership, Psychological Aspects of Organisational Behaviour, Interventions to Improve Health, Wellbeing, Safety, Flexible Working, Occupational Health Psychology
Prof Cary Cooper Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health Organisational Wellbeing, Workplace Stress
Dr Carlo Ludovico Cordasco Lecturer in Management & Org Studies Ethics, Business Ethics, AI Ethics, AI Adoption
Dr Ian Crowther Lecturer & Deputy Programme Manager Banking, Management in Firms re Sustainability, ESG & UN Development Goals, Financial Regulation, Financialisation, Cultural Economy, Corporate Governance, Risk Management
Prof Tony Dundon Professor of Human Resource Management & Employment Relations Employee Voice, Worker Participation, Technology and Work, Future of Work, Trade Union Bargaining, Labour Process
Mr Ismail Erturk Senior Lecturer in Banking Financialisation, Financial Regulation, ESG, Green Finance, Socially Responsible Business, Corporate Governance
Prof Julie Froud Professor of Financial Innovation Foundational Economy, Social Innovation, Business Models Social Infrastructure, Social Enterprise
Dr Angelique Fu Lecturer in Organisational Psychology Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Career Development, Gender
Dr Renfei Gao Presidential Fellow (Academic) Business Leaders' Role in Strategic Decision-making; Non-market Strategy; Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Strategic Leadership and Corporate Governance; Emerging Market Firm Strategy
Prof Axele Giroud Professor of International Business International Business = Multinational Enterprises, Foreign Investment, Global Strategy, Inter-firm collaboration, Sustainable Development, Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Emerging Markets
Prof Niron Hashai Professor of International Business International Business, Strategy, Entrepreneurship
Prof John Hassard Professor of Organizational Analysis Organization Theory, Organmization Culture, Managerial Work Future of Work Management and Organizational History Corporate and Organizational Change Heathcare, Public Sector, and Third Sector Management
Prof Simon Hayward Professor of Practice Leadership, Development, Culture, Agile, Engagement, Stakeholder Capitalism
Prof David Holman Professor of Organisational Psychology Job Design, Job Quality, Job Crafting, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Emotion Regulation
Prof Debra Howcroft Professor of Technology and Organisation New Technology, Work, Employment, Inequalities
Dr. David Hughes Senior Lecturer, Organisational Psychology Personality; Psychometrics; Individual Differences
Ms Ceri Hughes Research Associate Employment Precarity, Work-Welfare Interactions, Soft Regulation of Employers, Activation Policies, Inclusive Economy, Labour Market Participation and Inequalities
Prof Paul Irwing Professor of Psychometrics Personality Structure, Adaptive Personality Regulation, Applications of Personality to Business
Dr Mathew Johnson Senior Lecturer in HRM and Employment Studies Comparative Industrial Relations, International HRM, Regulation, Decent Work, Trade Unions, Social Movements
Prof Sheena Johnson Professor of Work Psychology and Wellbeing Health and Wellbeing, Workplace Stress, Ageing Workforce, Violence and Aggression
Dr Ian Johnson Lecturer in Business Law Inheritance and Succession Law, Wills and Trusts, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Landlord and Tenant Law
Prof Mario Kafouros Professor of International Business and Innovation Internationalization, Firm Performance, Innovation, Global Strategy, Institutions
Dr Dimitrija Kalanoski Lecturer in International Business Competitive Dynamics, Competition, Cooperation, Coopetition, Institutional Theory (Economic view), Institution-based View, Firm Non-market Strategy, Corporate Political Activity, M&As, Joint Ventures, Alliances, Spinouts
Dr William il-kuk Kang Lecturer in International Business and Management Corporate Social Responsibility, Culture and Institution Dynamics, Stakeholder Management and Process, Organisational Structure in Digital Age
Prof Wing Lam Professor in Organisational Psychology Proactivity, Leadership, Team Dynamics, Emotions, Organisational Psychology
Prof Ann Mahon Professor of Health Leadership Leadership, Leadership Development, Healthcare Management, Healthcare Leadership, Health Policy, Programme Evaluation
Prof Robin Martin Professor of Organisational Psychology Causal Methodology
Prof Miguel Martinez Lucio Professor in International HRM and Comparative Industrial Relations Trade Unionism, Regulation of Employment, The State and Employment Relations, Comparative Industrial Relations, Industrial Relations, Critical International HRM, Transnational Worker Representation, Equality and Politics, Social Inclusion and Employment Relations, Worker and Employee Involvement and Participation
Prof Eunice Maytorena Sanchez Professor of Project Management Project Management, Risk, Uncertainty, Complexity, Stakeholders, Paradox, Managerial and Organisational Cognition
Dr John McCormack Senior Lecturer in Project Management Public Management, Defence, Procurement, Workplace Identity
Dr Stephen Mustchin Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies Industrial/Employment Relations, Human Resource Management, The Regulation of Work and Employment, Public Sector Employment Relations, Migration and Employment, New Technology and Employment, Conflict at Work and Industrial Action
Dr Kara Ng Presidential Fellow in Organisational Psychology Organisational Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Organisational Behaviour, Workplace Mistreatment, Workplace Bullying, Behavioural Ethics, Bystanders, Relationships at Work
Dr Duc Nguyen Lecturer in Comparative and International Business Qualitative Research Methods; Text Analysis; Contextual Analysis; Context Theorizing; Organizational Identity; Cross-sector Social Partnerships
Dr. Nuruzzaman Nuruzzaman Lecturer in Comparative and International Business Foreign Direct Investments in Renewable Energy, Environmental Sustainability Practices and Policy in Emerging Economies, Green Innovation, Corporate Social Irresponsibility
Prof Elinor O'Connor Professor of Work Psychology Occupational Stress, Wellbeing at Work, the Veterinary Profession
Dr Courtney Owens Lecturer in Management Leadership Leadership, Personality, Teaching Leadership Development Programmes
Dr Jenny Rodriguez Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies Intersectionality, Transnational/Translocational Identity, Highly-skilled Migrant Mobility (Self-initiated Expatriation), Globally Mobile Professionals, International HRM, Regulation of Work & Employment, Global South (Latin America, Hispanic Caribbean & Middle East), Decolonial Approaches (Decolonial Feminism, Otherwise, Epistemic Otherness)
Prof Jill Rubery Professor / Director of the Work and Equalities Institute Employment, Pay, Working Time, Labour Market Segmentation, Comparative Employment Systems, Work Futures, Gender Equality, Welfare States
Dr Asmund Rygh Senior Lecturer in International Business International Business, Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Inequality, State Ownership, Entrepreneurship, Politics
Dr Lina Siegl Lecturer in Organisational Psychology Workplace Health and Wellbeing, Work Stress, Technostress, Work emails, Burnout, Workplace Interventions, Work-home Processes, Organisational Culture, Safety
Prof Pei Sun Professor and Chair of International Business International Business Strategy, Corporate Governance, Emerging Markets, Strategic Management, Nonmarket Strategy
Dr Usman Talat Lecturer in Human Resource Management Organization theory , Philosophy of Organization Theory and Entrepreneurship, Behavioural Sciences Interventions in Healthcare, Digital Interventions and Executive Coaching, Mental Health and Addiction, Emotion, Imagination and the Workplace, Organizational Change
Prof Graham Winch Professor of Project Management Organization of Projects, Owner Role in Project Shaping and Delivery, Complex Project Organizing, New Build and Retrofit Housing Innovation, Infrastructure Development
Prof Stefan Zagelmeyer Reader in Comparative and International Business International HRM, Comparative HRM, Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions, Business and Human Rights, Comparative Institutional Analysis, Labour Market Institutions, Personnel Economics, Comparative Employment Relations
Dr Qingna Zhou Lecturer in International Business Digital Transformation, Digital Multinational, China's Digital Expansion in the Global South

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