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MBA consultancy at Alliance MBS

The Full-time MBA includes three consultancy projects - Social Impact; International Business; and Commercial Business - of increasing complexity, where MBAs work in multinational groups to address a live business challenge, acting as your external consultants.

To discuss your requirements contact Phil Galvin, Associate Director MBA Projects.

As part of our internationally acclaimed MBA programme, you can access a pool of talented, experienced, international professionals who can bring original thinking to your business issue for a fraction of the cost of an external consultancy firm.

The individuals who gain entry to our prestigious MBA programme are not ordinary students. Our MBAs typically have six to ten years' international business experience before they join us, and teams will include people from a wide range of industries, languages and cultures.

You also have the reassurance of a supervising academic tutor who will support both you as the client and the student group. Our academic experts are all active researchers in business and management issues and many have previously worked in industry.

In return for a budget for travel and expenses (depending on the type of project); a time commitment to develop, monitor and evaluate the project; and an open mind -  you’ll receive up to 2000 hours of intensive consultancy work, support from a world-class academic who knows your industry, and a tangible, high quality outcome to your business issue.




Up to 2000 hours of consultancy


Worth up to £100k