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The Centre for the Analysis of Investment Risk (CAIR)

Financial investments are having an increasing impact on diverse areas of our lives.
From the environment to technology, and from social innovation to economic development.

Established in 2005, the Centre for the Analysis of Investment Risk (CAIR) provides research expertise on wide-ranging aspects of investment decision-making and the governance of the ambiguities, risk, and uncertainty faced when making decisions.
Our interdisciplinary research concerns the assessment, communication, auditing, and assurance of investment decisions and their returns, productivity, and social and environmental impact.

Key contacts

Research associates

Name Role
Aleksey Kolokolov Lecturer in Finance
Alex Taylor Lecturer in Finance
Alexandros Kostakis Honorary Professor
Amedeo De Cesari Senior Lecturer in Finance
Andrew Stark Coutts Professor of Accounting and Finance
Anna Samsonova-Taddei Professor of Accounting
Anne Stafford Professor of Accounting
Arif Khurshed Professor of Finance
Brahim Saadouni Professor of Accounting & Finance
Brendan O'dwyer Professor of Accounting
Cheng Zeng Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Christopher Humphrey Professor of Accounting
ChunLei Yang Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Eirini Konstantinidi Lecturer in Finance
Georgios Voulgaris Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Hening Liu Professor of Finance
Ian Garrett Professor of Finance
Javed Siddiqui Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Kevin Aretz Professor of Finance
Maria Marchica Professor of Finance
Marie Dutordoir Professor of Finance
Olga Kolokolova Senior Lecturer in Finance
Pam Stapleton Professor of Accounting
Roberto Mura Professor of Finance
Sarah Zhang Lecturer in Finance
Ser-Huang Poon Professor of Finance
Stefan Petry Lecturer in Finance
Stuart Hyde Professor of Finance
Stuart W Turley Professor of Accounting
Susanne Espenlaub Professor of Accounting and Finance
Thomas Schleicher Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Wei Jiang Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Yan Qiu Lecturer in Accounting
Yifan Li Lecturer in Finance
Yoichi Otsubo Lecturer in Finance