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Accounting and Finance (A&F)

Manchester Accounting and Finance Group is one of the leading accounting and finance units in Europe with an outstanding reputation for excellence in research and teaching programmes at all levels.

Our group of experts has a commitment to research excellence and innovation, and has unrivalled links with professional bodies and industry groups.

We take a collective, flexible and cross-disciplinary approach. We stand out because of our international reach and reputation, and our research shapes accounting and finance practice and public policy.

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Our Groups and Centres

Manchester Accounting and Finance Group is one of the leading accounting and finance units in Europe with an outstanding reputation for excellence in research and teaching programmes at all levels.

Manchester Accounting and Finance Group

Encompasses research relevant to the professional needs of private, institutional and corporate investors in both domestic and international markets. Its research combines theoretical rigour with practical policy relevance.

Centre for the Analysis of Investment Risk

Marie Dutordoir

“A&F researchers are renowned for their high-impact research in a diverse range of areas including accounting and accountability, market-based accounting, management accounting, asset pricing, corporate governance, corporate finance, FinTech and information systems. They collaborate with leading academics from across the world as well as policymakers and corporate leaders."

Marie Dutordoir

Accounting and Finance


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Kevin Aretz - Accounting and FinanceKevin AretzProfessor of Finance0161-2756368Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.013
Christos Begkos - Accounting and FinanceChristos BegkosLecturer in Management Accounting0161-3062099Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.041
Michael Bowe - Accounting and FinanceMichael BoweProfessor of International FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Michael Brennan - Accounting and FinanceMichael BrennanProfessor Of Finance
Martin Carpenter - Accounting and FinanceMartin CarpenterResearch AssistantAlliance Manchester Business School
Sungjun Cho - Accounting and FinanceSungjun ChoLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
George Christodoulakis - Accounting and FinanceGeorge ChristodoulakisAssociate Professor of Finance (Senior Lecturer in Finance)Alliance Manchester Business School
Nicholas Collett - Accounting and FinanceNicholas CollettSenior Lecturer -Acct & FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Viet Dang - Accounting and FinanceViet DangProfessor of FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Amedeo De Cesari - Accounting and FinanceAmedeo De CesariSenior Lecturer in Finance0161-3066403Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.027
Marie Dutordoir - Accounting and FinanceMarie DutordoirProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Susanne Espenlaub - Accounting and FinanceSusanne EspenlaubProfessor of Accounting and FinanceCrawford House
Ning Gao - Accounting and FinanceNing GaoSenior Lecturer in Finance (Associate professor)Alliance Manchester Business School
Ian Garrett - Accounting and FinanceIan GarrettProfessor0161-2754958Alliance Manchester Business School
Omiros Georgiou - Accounting and FinanceOmiros GeorgiouLecturer in Accounting0161-2756567Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-4.058
Christopher Godfrey - Accounting and FinanceChristopher GodfreyLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Syd Howell - Accounting and FinanceSyd HowellProfessor of Financial ManagementCrawford House
Christopher Humphrey - Accounting and FinanceChristopher HumphreyProfessorCrawford House
Stuart Hyde - Accounting and FinanceStuart HydeProfessor of FinanceManchester Business School West
Wei Jiang - Accounting and FinanceWei JiangSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Julian Jones - Accounting and FinanceJulian JonesSenior Lecturer in Accounting & FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Arif Khurshed - Accounting and FinanceArif KhurshedProfessor of FinanceManchester Business School West
Jonghwan Kim - Accounting and FinanceJonghwan KimLecturer in Management Accounting0161-2754020Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.008
Olga Kolokolova - Accounting and FinanceOlga KolokolovaSenior Lecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Eirini Konstantinidi - Accounting and FinanceEirini KonstantinidiLecturer in Finance0161-2754005Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-4.081
Alexandros Kostakis - Accounting and FinanceAlexandros KostakisHonorary Professor0161-2750434Crawford House - 2.7
Edward Lee - Accounting and FinanceEdward LeeProfessorCrawford House
Yifan Li - Accounting and FinanceYifan LiLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School - 4.057
Evangelos Litos - Accounting and FinanceEvangelos LitosResearch Associate
Hening Liu - Accounting and FinanceHening LiuProfessor of FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Sue Llewellyn - Accounting and FinanceSue LlewellynProfessor of Accountability & Mgt Control and Director of Herbert Simon InstituteAlliance Manchester Business School
Alexsandro Lopes - Accounting and FinanceAlexsandro LopesProfessor of Practice in Corporate Financial Reporting
Maria Marchica - Accounting and FinanceMaria MarchicaProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School - 4.029
Sven Modell - Accounting and FinanceSven ModellProfessor In Management AccountingCrawford House
Jodie Moll - Accounting and FinanceJodie MollHonorary Reader0161-3066400Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.056
Huw Morgan - Accounting and FinanceHuw MorganStaffAlliance Manchester Business School
Roberto Mura - Accounting and FinanceRoberto MuraProfAlliance Manchester Business School
Mike Newman - Accounting and FinanceMike NewmanProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Brian Nicholson - Accounting and FinanceBrian NicholsonProfessor0161-2754024Alliance Manchester Business School
Brendan O'dwyer - Accounting and FinanceBrendan O'dwyerProfessor of Accounting0161-3062905Crawford House - 5.4
James Ohlson - Accounting and FinanceJames OhlsonProfessor Of Accounting
Yoichi Otsubo - Accounting and FinanceYoichi OtsuboLecturer in Finance0161-2754025Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.019
Dean Paxson - Accounting and FinanceDean PaxsonAccounting & FinanceCrawford House
Stefan Petry - Accounting and FinanceStefan PetryLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Ser-Huang Poon - Accounting and FinanceSer-Huang PoonProfessor of Finance0161-2750431Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.035
Yan Qiu - Accounting and FinanceYan QiuLecturer in Accounting
Jennifer Rose - Accounting and FinanceJennifer RoseLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School - 4.047
Brahim Saadouni - Accounting and FinanceBrahim SaadouniProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Anna Samsonova-Taddei - Accounting and FinanceAnna Samsonova-TaddeiReader in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Robert W Scapens - Accounting and FinanceRobert W ScapensEmeritus ProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Thomas Schleicher - Accounting and FinanceThomas SchleicherLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Javed Siddiqui - Accounting and FinanceJaved SiddiquiSenior Lecturer in Accounting0161-2750440Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.024
Paul Simpson - Accounting and FinancePaul SimpsonSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Anne Stafford - Accounting and FinanceAnne StaffordProfessor0161-2750439Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.043
Pam Stapleton - Accounting and FinancePam StapletonProfessor of AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School - 4.041
Andrew Stark - Accounting and FinanceAndrew StarkCoutts Professor of Accounting and FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School - 5.010
Konstantinos Stathopoulos - Accounting and FinanceKonstantinos StathopoulosProfessor of Accounting and FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School - 5.015
Mike Strivens - Accounting and FinanceMike StrivensSenior Fellow07860-2754016Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.034
Norman Strong - Accounting and FinanceNorman StrongProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Alex Taylor - Accounting and FinanceAlex TaylorLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Peter Taylor - Accounting and FinancePeter TaylorVisiting ProfessorCrawford House
Stuart W Turley - Accounting and FinanceStuart W TurleyProfessor of AccountingCrawford House
Martin Walker - Accounting and FinanceMartin WalkerProfessor of Finance and AccountingCrawford House
Wendy Wild - Accounting and FinanceWendy WildLecturer0161-2750458Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.034
Liang Xu - Accounting and FinanceLiang XuLecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
ChunLei Yang - Accounting and FinanceChunLei YangSenior Lecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Sofia Yasmin - Accounting and FinanceSofia YasminLecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Cheng Zeng - Accounting and FinanceCheng ZengSenior Lecturer in Accounting0161-2754047Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.030
Sarah Zhang - Accounting and FinanceSarah ZhangLecturer in Finance0161-3063452