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Diversity and inclusion

Dr Anne McBride and Professor Helge Hoel have been working with industry specialists to make recommendations for a practical approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They looked at how decisions on recruitment and promotion are made in the best organisations, focusing on how employees are treated and how they are made to feel included.

The result is a new workplace standard, British Standard BS76005 - Valuing people through Diversity and Inclusion, which has the potential to transform management thinking and improve diversity across the UK.

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Veterinary health

Dr Elinor O’Connor, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology, has been working with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons analysing why the suicide rate among vets in the UK is higher than the national average.

Dr O’Connor has been researching why this is happening and to understand how work-related stress affects the profession.

Elinor has supported the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Mind Matters Initiative and the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons to provide an evidence-based approach to their Veterinary Wellbeing Awards, in addition to a guide on wellbeing in the veterinary workplace.

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Spontaneous volunteers

A new international standard, developed by a team led by Duncan Shaw, Professor of Operations and Critical Systems, provides guidelines on how groups can make best use of enthusiastic volunteers who jump to the assistance of emergency services in the event of disasters such as flooding, hurricanes or manmade catastrophes.

The ISO 22319:2017 standard was based on research conducted for the UK government led by Prof Shaw and involving Dr Chris Smith, Lecturer in Operations and Critical Systems. The international group of experts further developed the work for the International Organisation for Standardisation which has been officially adopted by the British Standards Institute.

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