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Our people

Our people have been sharing their original thinking for over fifty years.

Alliance Manchester Business School is home to over 500 academic, teaching and support staff, representing 41 nationalities.

Led by Professor Fiona Devine and her leadership team and supported by our Advisory Board of senior business leaders, we are proud that our staff continue to gain international recognition for their work.

We are proud that our experts generate globally recognised research across a wide variety of disciplines, industries and specialisms ranging from health and infrastructure, innovation, globalisation, work and employment, data science and marketing, to organisational psychology, accounting and finance.

They use this original thinking to influence business leaders and policy-makers to address some of the world’s biggest issues; to work in collaboration with international partners in academia, business and industry; and across our teaching and executive education for the success of our students and delegates.

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Our people by division

Kevin Aretz - Accounting and FinanceKevin AretzProfessor of Finance0161-2756368Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.013
Farah maham Arshad - Accounting and FinanceFarah maham ArshadLecturer in Accounting
Christos Begkos - Accounting and FinanceChristos BegkosLecturer in Management Accounting0161-3062099Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.041
Michael Bowe - Accounting and FinanceMichael BoweProfessor of International FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Michael Brennan - Accounting and FinanceMichael BrennanEmeritus Professor
Martin Carpenter - Accounting and FinanceMartin CarpenterResearch AssistantAlliance Manchester Business School
Sung hwan Chai - Accounting and FinanceSung hwan ChaiLecturer in Accounting
Sungjun Cho - Accounting and FinanceSungjun ChoLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
George Christodoulakis - Accounting and FinanceGeorge ChristodoulakisAssociate Professor of Finance (Senior Lecturer in Finance)Alliance Manchester Business School
Nicholas Collett - Accounting and FinanceNicholas CollettSenior Lecturer -Acct & FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Viet Dang - Accounting and FinanceViet DangProfessor of FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Amedeo De Cesari - Accounting and FinanceAmedeo De CesariSenior Lecturer in Finance0161-3066403Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.027
Marie Dutordoir - Accounting and FinanceMarie DutordoirProfessor of FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Susanne Espenlaub - Accounting and FinanceSusanne EspenlaubProfessor of Accounting and FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Ning Gao - Accounting and FinanceNing GaoSenior Lecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Ian Garrett - Accounting and FinanceIan GarrettProfessor of Finance0161-2754958Alliance Manchester Business School
Omiros Georgiou - Accounting and FinanceOmiros GeorgiouLecturer in Accounting0161-2756567Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-4.058
Christopher Godfrey - Accounting and FinanceChristopher GodfreyLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Ellen Y He - Accounting and FinanceEllen Y HePresidential Fellow in Accounting and FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Syd Howell - Accounting and FinanceSyd HowellProfessor of Financial ManagementCrawford House
Christopher Humphrey - Accounting and FinanceChristopher HumphreyProfessor of AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Stuart Hyde - Accounting and FinanceStuart HydeProfessor of FinanceManchester Business School West
Emiel Jerphanion - Accounting and FinanceEmiel JerphanionLecturer in Finance0161-2750447Manchester Business School West - 5.038
Wei Jiang - Accounting and FinanceWei JiangSenior Lecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Julian Jones - Accounting and FinanceJulian JonesSenior Lecturer in Accounting & FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Nikolaos Karagiannis - Accounting and FinanceNikolaos KaragiannisPresidential Fellow (research)
Arif Khurshed - Accounting and FinanceArif KhurshedProfessor of FinanceManchester Business School West
Aleksey Kolokolov - Accounting and FinanceAleksey KolokolovLecturer in Finance
Olga Kolokolova - Accounting and FinanceOlga KolokolovaSenior Lecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Eirini Konstantinidi - Accounting and FinanceEirini KonstantinidiLecturer in Finance0161-2750432Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-4.060
Alexandros Kostakis - Accounting and FinanceAlexandros KostakisHonorary Professor0161-2750434Crawford House - 2.7
Nooch Kuasirikun - Accounting and FinanceNooch KuasirikunSenior Lecturer in Accounting0161-3065880Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-4.079
Edward Lee - Accounting and FinanceEdward LeeProfessor of Accounting and FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Yifan Li - Accounting and FinanceYifan LiLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School - 4.057
Hening Liu - Accounting and FinanceHening LiuProfessor of FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Sue Llewellyn - Accounting and FinanceSue LlewellynProfessor of Accountability & Management ControlAlliance Manchester Business School
Alexsandro Lopes - Accounting and FinanceAlexsandro LopesProfessor of Practice in Corporate Financial Reporting
Maria Marchica - Accounting and FinanceMaria MarchicaProfessor of FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School - 4.029
Kenneth McPhail - Accounting and FinanceKenneth McPhailProfessor of Accounting0161-3066406Manchester Business School West - 4.045
Sven Modell - Accounting and FinanceSven ModellProfessor of Management AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Jodie Moll - Accounting and FinanceJodie MollHonorary Reader0161-3066400Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.056
Huw Morgan - Accounting and FinanceHuw MorganSenior Lecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Roberto Mura - Accounting and FinanceRoberto MuraProfessor of FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Brian Nicholson - Accounting and FinanceBrian NicholsonProfessor of business information systems0161-2754024Alliance Manchester Business School
Brendan O'dwyer - Accounting and FinanceBrendan O'dwyerProfessor of Accounting0161-3062905Crawford House - 5.4
Yoichi Otsubo - Accounting and FinanceYoichi OtsuboLecturer in Finance0161-2754025Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.019
Dean Paxson - Accounting and FinanceDean PaxsonProfessor of FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Patricia Perlman-Dee - Accounting and FinancePatricia Perlman-DeeSenior Lecturer in Finance0161-2750117Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.042
Stefan Petry - Accounting and FinanceStefan PetryLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Ser-Huang Poon - Accounting and FinanceSer-Huang PoonProfessor of Finance0161-2750431Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.035
Yan Qiu - Accounting and FinanceYan QiuLecturer in Accounting
Paolo Quattrone - Accounting and FinancePaolo QuattroneProfessor of Accounting, Governance & SocietyManchester Business School West - 4.074
Matteo Ronzani - Accounting and FinanceMatteo RonzaniLecturer in Management Accounting0161 306 66400Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.056
Jennifer Rose - Accounting and FinanceJennifer RoseLecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School - 4.047
Brahim Saadouni - Accounting and FinanceBrahim SaadouniProfessor of Accounting & FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Anna Samsonova-Taddei - Accounting and FinanceAnna Samsonova-TaddeiHonorary ProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Robert W Scapens - Accounting and FinanceRobert W ScapensEmeritus ProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Thomas Schleicher - Accounting and FinanceThomas SchleicherSenior Lecturer in Accounting & FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Javed Siddiqui - Accounting and FinanceJaved SiddiquiSenior Lecturer in Accounting0161-2750440Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.024
Paul Simpson - Accounting and FinancePaul SimpsonSenior Lecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Anne Stafford - Accounting and FinanceAnne StaffordProfessor of Accounting0161-2750439Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.043
Pam Stapleton - Accounting and FinancePam StapletonProfessor of AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School - 4.041
Andrew Stark - Accounting and FinanceAndrew StarkCoutts Professor of Accounting and FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School - 5.010
Konstantinos Stathopoulos - Accounting and FinanceKonstantinos StathopoulosProfessor of Accounting and Finance0161-2756863Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.015
Mike Strivens - Accounting and FinanceMike StrivensSenior Fellow in Finance07860-2754016Alliance Manchester Business School - 4.034
Norman Strong - Accounting and FinanceNorman StrongProfessor of Accounting and FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Alex Taylor - Accounting and FinanceAlex TaylorLecturer in FinanceAlliance Manchester Business School
Stuart W Turley - Accounting and FinanceStuart W TurleyProfessor of AccountingCrawford House
Georgios Voulgaris - Accounting and FinanceGeorgios VoulgarisSenior Lecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School - 5.023
Martin Walker - Accounting and FinanceMartin WalkerEmeritus Professor of Finance and Accounting
Wendy Wild - Accounting and FinanceWendy WildSenior Lecturer in Accounting0161-2750458Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.034
Liang Xu - Accounting and FinanceLiang XuLecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
ChunLei Yang - Accounting and FinanceChunLei YangSenior Lecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Sofia Yasmin - Accounting and FinanceSofia YasminLecturer in AccountingAlliance Manchester Business School
Cheng Zeng - Accounting and FinanceCheng ZengHonorary Senior Lecturer0161-2754047Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.030
Sarah Zhang - Accounting and FinanceSarah ZhangLecturer in Finance0161-3063452
Effie Amanatidou - Innovation Management and PolicyEffie AmanatidouHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Lori Anderson - Innovation Management and PolicyLori AndersonSenior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Leadership (Healthcare)0161-2757365Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.043
Mike Arundale - Innovation Management and PolicyMike ArundaleSenior Lecturer in Management (Strategy)0161-2756469Alliance Manchester Business School
Jonathan Aylen - Innovation Management and PolicyJonathan AylenHonorary Senior Research FellowAlliance Manchester Business School - 8.054
Kate Barker - Innovation Management and PolicyKate BarkerSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Lawrence Benson - Innovation Management and PolicyLawrence BensonSenior Lecturer In Healthcare & Public Sector ManagementAlliance Manchester Business School
Mercedes Bleda - Innovation Management and PolicyMercedes BledaSenior lecturer in Strategy and InnovationManchester Business School West - 8.039
Julian Bond - Innovation Management and PolicyJulian BondHonorary Senior Lecturer (teaching)Alliance Manchester Business School
Frank Boons - Innovation Management and PolicyFrank BoonsStaffAlliance Manchester Business School - 3
Alan Boyd - Innovation Management and PolicyAlan BoydResearch FellowAlliance Manchester Business School - 7.046
Stephen Brookes - Innovation Management and PolicyStephen BrookesReader (Associate Professor) Leadership and Public PolicyAlliance Manchester Business School
Catherine Casson - Innovation Management and PolicyCatherine CassonLecturer0161-2751917Alliance Manchester Business School - 8.021
Sung hwan Chai - Innovation Management and PolicySung hwan ChaiLecturer in Accounting
Naomi Chambers - Innovation Management and PolicyNaomi ChambersProfessor of Healthcare Management0161-2757964Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.030
Elaine Clark - Innovation Management and PolicyElaine ClarkSenior Lecturer in Healthcare Management0161-2752912Alliance Manchester Business School
Deborah Cox - Innovation Management and PolicyDeborah CoxManager, Manchester Institute of Innovation ResearchAlliance Manchester Business School
Judit Csiszar - Innovation Management and PolicyJudit CsiszarSenior Lecturer (healthcare Management)0161-2750450Crawford House - 4.003
Paul Cunningham - Innovation Management and PolicyPaul CunninghamHonorary Research FellowDenmark Building
Jakob Edler - Innovation Management and PolicyJakob EdlerProfessor of Innovation Policy and Strategy0161-2750919Alliance Manchester Business School - 9.022
Kieron Flanagan - Innovation Management and PolicyKieron FlanaganSenior Lecturer in Science and Technology PolicyAlliance Manchester Business School
Joy Furnival - Innovation Management and PolicyJoy FurnivalStaffAlliance Manchester Business School
Dimitri Gagliardi - Innovation Management and PolicyDimitri GagliardiSenior Research FellowAlliance Manchester Business School
Frank Geels - Innovation Management and PolicyFrank GeelsProf of System Innovation & Sustainability0161-2757374Alliance Manchester Business School - 8.050
Luke Georghiou - Innovation Management and PolicyLuke GeorghiouDeputy President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.John Owens Building
Nuno Gil - Innovation Management and PolicyNuno GilProfessor (Chair) of New Infrastructure Development0161-3063486Alliance Manchester Business School - 8.019
Mark Healey - Innovation Management and PolicyMark HealeyProfessor of Strategic Management0161-2756572Alliance Manchester Business School - 9.024
Martin Henery - Innovation Management and PolicyMartin HeneryEnterprise Academic and Start-up Visa Coordinator0161-2751937Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.099
Gerard P Hodgkinson - Innovation Management and PolicyGerard P HodgkinsonVice Dean for Research (Faculty of Humanities)0161-3065826Alliance Manchester Business School - 8.012
Guillermo Ivan Pereira - Innovation Management and PolicyGuillermo Ivan PereiraPostdoctoral Research Associate in Sustainable Energy InnovationAlliance Manchester Business School
Andrew James - Innovation Management and PolicyAndrew JamesProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Barbara Jones - Innovation Management and PolicyBarbara JonesResearch Fellow (MIOIR)Harold Hankins Building
Julia Kasmire - Innovation Management and PolicyJulia KasmireResearch FellowHumanities Bridgeford Street
Jacqueline Kilbane - Innovation Management and PolicyJacqueline KilbaneLecturer in Healthcare ManagementCrawford House
Oliver Laasch - Innovation Management and PolicyOliver LaaschSenior Lecturer in Innovation and EntrepreneurshipAlliance Manchester Business School
Joseph Lampel - Innovation Management and PolicyJoseph LampelEddie Davies Professor of Enterprise and Innovation Management0161-2757371Alliance Manchester Business School - 8.016
Philippe Laredo - Innovation Management and PolicyPhilippe LaredoProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Cornelia Lawson - Innovation Management and PolicyCornelia LawsonSenior Lecturer0161-2757253Manchester Business School West - 8.022
Denis Loveridge - Innovation Management and PolicyDenis LoveridgeHonorary Visiting Professor01695-2755863Harold Hankins Building - 9.05
Ann Mahon - Innovation Management and PolicyAnn MahonProfessor of Health Leadership0161-2752913Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.032
Khaleel Malik - Innovation Management and PolicyKhaleel MalikSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Chiara Marzocchi - Innovation Management and PolicyChiara MarzocchiLecturer in Innovation Management0161-2757372Alliance Manchester Business School - 8.004
Silvia Massini - Innovation Management and PolicySilvia MassiniProfessor of Economics and Management of InnovationManchester Business School West
Matthew McCaffrey - Innovation Management and PolicyMatthew McCaffreyLecturer0161-2755951Alliance Manchester Business School - 8.047
Jill Mccarthy - Innovation Management and PolicyJill MccarthySenior Lecturer in Healthcare ManagementAlliance Manchester Business School
Andrew Mcmeekin - Innovation Management and PolicyAndrew McmeekinStaff
Andrew Mee - Innovation Management and PolicyAndrew MeeSenior Lecturer (Healthcare Management)Alliance Manchester Business School
Stan Metcalfe - Innovation Management and PolicyStan MetcalfeEmeritus Professor
Ian Miles - Innovation Management and PolicyIan MilesProfessor of Technological Innovation and Social ChangeHarold Hankins Building
Simon Moralee - Innovation Management and PolicySimon MoraleeSenior Lecturer0161-3068480Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.039
Josephine Mylan - Innovation Management and PolicyJosephine MylanLecturer in Innovation and SustainabilityAlliance Manchester Business School
Maria Nedeva - Innovation Management and PolicyMaria NedevaProfessor of Science and Innovation Dynamics and Policy0161-2755924Harold Hankins Building
Adrian Nelson - Innovation Management and PolicyAdrian NelsonLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Eva Niesten - Innovation Management and PolicyEva NiestenSenior Lecturer in Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship0161-3068433Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-8.051
Kassandra Papadopoulou - Innovation Management and PolicyKassandra PapadopoulouLecturer in Enterprise0161-3064652Alliance Manchester Business School - 2.040A
Krassimira Paskaleva - Innovation Management and PolicyKrassimira PaskalevaSenior Research FellowAlliance Manchester Business School
Robert Phillips - Innovation Management and PolicyRobert PhillipsSenior Lecturer0161-2751935Manchester Business School West - 3.097
Jonatan Pinkse - Innovation Management and PolicyJonatan PinkseProfessor of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Executive Director of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR)Alliance Manchester Business School - 9.020
Nathan Proudlove - Innovation Management and PolicyNathan ProudloveSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Adrien Querbes - Innovation Management and PolicyAdrien QuerbesLecturer0161-2754028Alliance Manchester Business School
Ronald Ramlogan - Innovation Management and PolicyRonald RamloganSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Barbara Ribeiro - Innovation Management and PolicyBarbara RibeiroPresidential Fellow in Innovation Management and PolicyAlliance Manchester Business School
John Rigby - Innovation Management and PolicyJohn RigbyStaff HonoraryAlliance Manchester Business School - 9.021
Jacob Salder - Innovation Management and PolicyJacob SalderLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Fatemeh Salehi - Innovation Management and PolicyFatemeh SalehiLecturer0161-2756526Alliance Manchester Business School - 2.040A
Reza Salehnejad - Innovation Management and PolicyReza SalehnejadSenior Lecturer in Business EconomicsAlliance Manchester Business School
Mabel Sanchez Barrioluengo - Innovation Management and PolicyMabel Sanchez BarrioluengoStaffAlliance Manchester Business School
Philip Shapira - Innovation Management and PolicyPhilip ShapiraProfessor of Innovation Management and PolicyAlliance Manchester Business School
Lynn Sheppard - Innovation Management and PolicyLynn SheppardDirectorAlliance Manchester Business School
Jonathan Styles - Innovation Management and PolicyJonathan StylesSenior Lecturer in EnterpriseManchester Business School West
Karl Taeuscher - Innovation Management and PolicyKarl TaeuscherLecturer in Strategy & EntrepreneurshipAlliance Manchester Business School - 8.015
Bruce Tether - Innovation Management and PolicyBruce TetherProfessorHarold Hankins Building
Elvira Uyarra - Innovation Management and PolicyElvira UyarraReaderAlliance Manchester Business School - 8.042
Kieran Walshe - Innovation Management and PolicyKieran WalsheProfessor of Health Policy & Management0161-2753852Manchester Business School West - 7.034
Lee Webster - Innovation Management and PolicyLee WebsterLecturer in Enterprise0161-2751933Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.114
Richard Allmendinger - Management Sciences and MarketingRichard AllmendingerSenior Lecturer in Decision Sciences, School Business Engagement Lead0161-3066598Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.017
Luis Araujo - Management Sciences and MarketingLuis AraujoProfessor of Marketing And Strategy0161-2756561Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.035
Emma Banister - Management Sciences and MarketingEmma BanisterProfessor of Consumption And Society0161-2756327Alliance Manchester Business School
Jamie Burton - Management Sciences and MarketingJamie BurtonProfessor in Marketing and Head of Management Sciences and Marketing Division0161-2756508Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.078
Simos Chari - Management Sciences and MarketingSimos ChariSenior Lecturer in Marketing Management & Strategy0161-2756427Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.127
Yu-wang Chen - Management Sciences and MarketingYu-wang ChenSenior Lecturer in Decision Sciences0161-2756345Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.074
Ilma Nur Chowdhury - Management Sciences and MarketingIlma Nur ChowdhuryLecturer/Assistant Professor in Marketing0161-3066597Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.096
Panos Constantinides - Management Sciences and MarketingPanos ConstantinidesProfessor of Digital Innovation0161-3063475Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.073
Heiner Evanschitzky - Management Sciences and MarketingHeiner EvanschitzkyProfessor of Marketing
Anna Goatman - Management Sciences and MarketingAnna GoatmanSenior Lecturer in MarketingAlliance Manchester Business School
Alexander Gunz - Management Sciences and MarketingAlexander GunzLecturer in Marketing0161-3065871Alliance Manchester Business School
Anders Gustafsson - Management Sciences and MarketingAnders GustafssonDistinguished Professorial Fellow
Julia Handl - Management Sciences and MarketingJulia HandlProfessor in Decision SciencesAlliance Manchester Business School
Magda Hassan - Management Sciences and MarketingMagda HassanLecturer0161-2756460Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.075
Hongwei He - Management Sciences and MarketingHongwei HeProfessor of MarketingAlliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.084
Christian Homburg - Management Sciences and MarketingChristian HomburgDistinguished Professorial Fellow
Fahian Huq - Management Sciences and MarketingFahian HuqSenior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management0161-2756484Manchester Business School West
Matti Jaakkola - Management Sciences and MarketingMatti JaakkolaSenior Lecturer in Marketing Management And Strategy0161-2756379Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.129
Manuel Lopez-Ibanez - Management Sciences and MarketingManuel Lopez-IbanezSenior Lecturer0161-3068996Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.050
Bryan Lukas - Management Sciences and MarketingBryan LukasProfessor of Marketing0161-3062192Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.108
Nikolay Mehandjiev - Management Sciences and MarketingNikolay MehandjievProfessor of Enterprise Information SystemsAlliance Manchester Business School
Marzena Nieroda - Management Sciences and MarketingMarzena NierodaLecturer in MarketingAlliance Manchester Business School - 3.082
Raymond Obayi - Management Sciences and MarketingRaymond ObayiLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Luis Ospina-Forero - Management Sciences and MarketingLuis Ospina-ForeroPresidential Academic Fellow in Data Science0161-3063361Alliance Manchester Business School
Ali Owrak - Management Sciences and MarketingAli OwrakSenior Lecturer in Service Systems & Digital BusinessAlliance Manchester Business School
Nadia Papamichail - Management Sciences and MarketingNadia PapamichailSenior Lecturer in Information & Decision SystemsAlliance Manchester Business School
Grigory Pishchulov - Management Sciences and MarketingGrigory PishchulovLecturer in Information Systems and Supply Chain Management0161-2750433Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.066
Antony Potter - Management Sciences and MarketingAntony PotterSenior Lecturer (Associate Professor)0161-2756466Sackville Street Building
Joao Quariguasi frota net - Management Sciences and MarketingJoao Quariguasi frota netChair in Operations Management0161-3068982Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.018
Qudamah Quboa - Management Sciences and MarketingQudamah QuboaResearch Associate in AMBS Data Visualisation Observatory0161-3063386Alliance Manchester Business School - 2.087
Pedro Sampaio - Management Sciences and MarketingPedro SampaioAssociate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Information SystemsAlliance Manchester Business School
Panagiotis Sarantopoulos - Management Sciences and MarketingPanagiotis SarantopoulosAssistant Professor of Marketing0161-2756423Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.076
Duncan Shaw - Management Sciences and MarketingDuncan ShawProfessor of Operations and Critical Systems0161-3063525Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.054
Pradyumn Shukla - Management Sciences and MarketingPradyumn ShuklaStaff
Christopher Smith - Management Sciences and MarketingChristopher SmithLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Tahir abbas Syed - Management Sciences and MarketingTahir abbas SyedLecturer in Management Sciences0161-3063460Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.045
Ling Xu - Management Sciences and MarketingLing XuChair Professor of Decision Science and Systems0161-2750941Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.070
Jian-Bo Yang - Management Sciences and MarketingJian-Bo YangProfessor0161-3063427Alliance Manchester Business School
Markos Zachariadis - Management Sciences and MarketingMarkos ZachariadisProfessor of Financial Technology (FinTech) & Information Systems3068792Alliance Manchester Business School
Judith Zolkiewski - Management Sciences and MarketingJudith ZolkiewskiProfessor of Marketing0161-3063470Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.083
Matthew Alford - People Management and OrganisationsMatthew AlfordSenior Lecturer in Int Business & MgtAlliance Manchester Business School
Ruth Boaden - People Management and OrganisationsRuth BoadenHonorary Professor0161-3063436
Anthony Carew - People Management and OrganisationsAnthony CarewVisiting Reader
Sharon Clarke - People Management and OrganisationsSharon ClarkeProfessor of Organisational Psychology0161-3063442Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.055
Laszlo Czaban - People Management and OrganisationsLaszlo CzabanSnr Lecturer in Intl. Mgt & Organizational AnalysisAlliance Manchester Business School
Timothy Devinney - People Management and OrganisationsTimothy DevinneyStaffAlliance Manchester Business School - 5.048
Tony Dundon - People Management and OrganisationsTony DundonVisiting ProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Ismail Erturk - People Management and OrganisationsIsmail ErturkSenior Lecturer - PMO0161-2756354Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.068
Julie Froud - People Management and OrganisationsJulie FroudProfessor of Financial InnovationAlliance Manchester Business School
Renfei Gao - People Management and OrganisationsRenfei GaoPresidential Fellow (academic)
Axele Giroud - People Management and OrganisationsAxele GiroudProfessor Of International Business0161-3066593Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.060
Anita Greenhill - People Management and OrganisationsAnita GreenhillSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Damian Grimshaw - People Management and OrganisationsDamian GrimshawProfessor of Employment Studies and Director of the European Work and Employment Research Centre0161-3063457Alliance Manchester Business School - E25
John Hassard - People Management and OrganisationsJohn HassardProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School
Gail Hebson - People Management and OrganisationsGail HebsonSenior Lecturer in Employment StudiesAlliance Manchester Business School
Helge Hoel - People Management and OrganisationsHelge HoelEmeritus Professor0161-3068784Alliance Manchester Business School - D12
David Holman - People Management and OrganisationsDavid HolmanProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School - 7.004
Debra Howcroft - People Management and OrganisationsDebra HowcroftProfessor of Technology and OrganisationAlliance Manchester Business School
David Hughes - People Management and OrganisationsDavid HughesLecturer, Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Cristina Inversi - People Management and OrganisationsCristina InversiLecturer in Employment Law016127-2755872Alliance Manchester Business School
Paul Irwing - People Management and OrganisationsPaul IrwingProfessorAlliance Manchester Business School - 7.005
Mathew Johnson - People Management and OrganisationsMathew JohnsonLecturer in Hrm And Employment StudiesAlliance Manchester Business School - EAST-E40
Sheena Johnson - People Management and OrganisationsSheena JohnsonProfessor of Work Psychology and Wellbeing0161-3063445Alliance Manchester Business School
Mario Kafouros - People Management and OrganisationsMario KafourosStaffAlliance Manchester Business School
Dimitrija Kalanoski - People Management and OrganisationsDimitrija KalanoskiLecturer in International Business
William il-Kuk Kang - People Management and OrganisationsWilliam il-Kuk KangLecturer in International Business & Mgt0161-3063413Alliance Manchester Business School - 5.062
Saleema Kauser - People Management and OrganisationsSaleema KauserAcademic: Organisational Strategy and Business EthicsAlliance Manchester Business School
Arjan Keizer - People Management and OrganisationsArjan KeizerSenior Lecturer in Comparative HRM and IRs0161-3065886Alliance Manchester Business School - 6.014
Johannes Kleinhempel - People Management and OrganisationsJohannes KleinhempelPresidential Academic FellowAlliance Manchester Business School
Yusuf Kurt - People Management and OrganisationsYusuf KurtLecturer in International Business and Management0161-2756492Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-5.058
Wing Lam - People Management and OrganisationsWing LamReader in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School - .018
Stefania Marino - People Management and OrganisationsStefania MarinoSenior Lecturer in Employment StudiesAlliance Manchester Business School - 6015
Robin Martin - People Management and OrganisationsRobin MartinStaff0161-3064583Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.002
Miguel Martinez Lucio - People Management and OrganisationsMiguel Martinez LucioProfessor in International HRM and Comparative IRAlliance Manchester Business School
Eunice Maytorena-sanchez - People Management and OrganisationsEunice Maytorena-sanchezSenior Lecturer Project Management0161-3063405Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.019
Ruth McDonald - People Management and OrganisationsRuth McDonaldProfessor0161-2750612Williamson Building
Anne Mcbride - People Management and OrganisationsAnne McbrideProfessor of Employment Relations0161-3065863Alliance Manchester Business School - 6.020
Christine Mclean - People Management and OrganisationsChristine McleanSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Stephen Mustchin - People Management and OrganisationsStephen MustchinSenior Lecturer in Employment Studies0161-3068988Alliance Manchester Business School
Kara Ng - People Management and OrganisationsKara NgPresidential Fellow in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Karen Niven - People Management and OrganisationsKaren NivenProfessor in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Elinor O'Connor - People Management and OrganisationsElinor O'ConnorSenior Lecturer in Occupational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Damian O'doherty - People Management and OrganisationsDamian O'dohertyProfessor of Management and OrganizationAlliance Manchester Business School
Anthony Rafferty - People Management and OrganisationsAnthony RaffertyProfessor in Employment StudiesAlliance Manchester Business School
Jenny Rodriguez - People Management and OrganisationsJenny RodriguezSenior Lecturer0161-2756396Alliance Manchester Business School
Jill Rubery - People Management and OrganisationsJill RuberyProfessor / Director of the Work and Equalities InstituteAlliance Manchester Business School
Asmund Rygh - People Management and OrganisationsAsmund RyghLecturer in International Business0161-3065884Alliance Manchester Business School
Pei Sun - People Management and OrganisationsPei SunChair in International Business0161-2750444Alliance Manchester Business School
Isabel Tavora - People Management and OrganisationsIsabel TavoraSenior Lecturer0161-3068489Alliance Manchester Business School - 6.019
Andra Toader - People Management and OrganisationsAndra ToaderLecturer0161-2756524Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.011A
Roger Walden - People Management and OrganisationsRoger WaldenLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Karel Williams - People Management and OrganisationsKarel WilliamsStaffAlliance Manchester Business School
Sara Willis - People Management and OrganisationsSara WillisSenior Lecturer in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Graham Winch - People Management and OrganisationsGraham WinchProfessor of Project ManagementAlliance Manchester Business School
Mark Winter - People Management and OrganisationsMark WinterSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
M Yamin - People Management and OrganisationsM YaminProfessor of International Business0161-3063462Alliance Manchester Business School - F6
Stefan Zagelmeyer - People Management and OrganisationsStefan ZagelmeyerReader in Comparative and International BusinessAlliance Manchester Business School
Dieter Zapf - People Management and OrganisationsDieter ZapfVisiting Professor
Xiaoke Zhang - People Management and OrganisationsXiaoke ZhangProfessor of Asian and Comparative Management0161-3063341Alliance Manchester Business School - 6.021
Professor Fiona Devine CBE

"When we opened our doors in 1965 we were renowned for innovation in business education. Much has changed in the world since then, however our core aims of generating the highest quality research to inspire the business leaders of the future remains the same."

Professor Fiona Devine CBE

Head of Alliance Manchester Business School

Head of School