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Business and Human Rights Catalyst

One of the most significant developments in global governance in the past decade has been the assigning of human rights responsibilities to business. Viewing business as an actor who has a direct responsibility to respect human rights in their activities and operations notwithstanding the context in which they operate is revolutionary.
Recognizing this fundamental disruption, in 2016 the Alliance Manchester Business School funded a new initiative: The Business and Human Rights Catalyst, one of the first human rights programmes worldwide hosted by a business school. The BHR Catalyst fits AMBS’s ambition to be a world class business school that fundamentally impacts the way the world does business.

The BHR Catalyst aims, through world-leading research and policy recommendations, to have a real impact on the rights of some of the most vulnerable people in society and to serve as a safe space for inter-disciplinary discussions between academics, policymakers and businesses on the role of the private sector in relation to fundamental rights

The initiative is led by Professor Ken McPhail, Alliance MBS' Deputy Head of School and Director of Research, and coordinated by Dr Lara Bianchi.

What we do

  • Define the challenges of the businesses’ responsibility to respect human rights.
  • Engage key actors in an informed and action-oriented discussion.
  • Inform the academic, social and political debate.
  • Shape future policy and corporate practice.
  • Impact the realization of rights.