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Recovering from COVID-19

Staff from across The University of Manchester, led by Alliance MBS, are working with organisations around the UK and globally – including local government emergency planners and resilience officers - to develop successful plans for ensuring recovery from COVID-19

The interdisciplinary team is synthesising international and national learning and carrying out real-time research on the ground, which will lead to immediate impact as well as longer-term academic contributions. This work is built on existing partnerships, new networks, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a desire to make a difference.

The team produces the ‘Manchester briefing on COVID-19’ each week which brings together international lessons and examples which may prompt your thinking on response to, and recovery from, COVID-19. This is also circulated through an international partnership with the Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN) to a further 4,000 cities across the world. 

Each briefing includes a ‘topic focus’. A recent topic focus on health and care gives an idea of the detail included. You can sign up to receive the weekly briefings below.

The team includes academics and specialists in the areas of critical systems, emergency response, community resilience, humanitarian aid and mobilisation, digital solutions and security, viable systems, healthcare delivery and operations management.

A recent blog raises the challenges of recovery identified by the group, and this short document outlines the key issues for recovery from COVID-19.

Our blog series covers a range of issues, including how the 'shielded' will be looked after once the UK lockdown is lifted, decision-making in a time of uncertainty, and how the health and care system can continue to work effectively post COVID-19.



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