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Automation places more emphasis on innovation and creativity, says business leader.

As many tasks become increasingly automated there will be greater demand for human qualities that bots can’t replicate, says Simon Hayward.

Dr Hayward, Honorary Professor at Alliance MBS and CEO of global leadership consultancy Cirrus, shared his thoughts in a recent article in The Guardian newspaper on future-proofing small businesses.

In the article he commented: “Automation places more emphasis than ever on very human attributes such as innovation and creativity. For forward-thinking organisations, this is an opportunity to upskill existing employees and review what they’re looking for in new hires.”

Technological change

The article looked at how because the rate of technological change is so fast, even the most innovative companies can feel left behind and looks at how businesses can plan in the face of such uncertainty. It quotes a number of experts who believe there are strategies businesses can deploy when recruiting, training and engaging with their employees and partners to ensure they are ahead of the curve.

Hayward, an MBA and DBA alumnus from Alliance MBS, has written two books about leadership in the workplace. His first book Connected Leadership drew on doctoral research that he carried out at AMBS and is a practical guide to creating a more agile, customer-driven business. In his second book, The Agile Leader, he shared his insights into what distinguishes agile leaders.