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The MBA Perspective podcast series

Tarun, Rohit and Kayus all graduated from the Full-time MBA in 2012. Alongside their professional careers, they enjoy dabbling in the world of podcasts and have recently put together a podcast series to try and use their experiences and skills to help others on their MBA journey.

Tarun said, “The MBA Perspectives podcast was driven by one of my entrepreneurial desires (of which I have a lot). I wanted to do something different and help others. The podcast comes at nearly a decade after we graduated and we are using the platform to reflect on our time since we have graduated, as well as our experiences before, during and after the MBA. Throughout the podcast we ask ourselves questions such as what could we have done differently? Did it all pan out as we had planned? We thought this could then be a useful resource for anyone looking into the idea of studying an MBA.”

Kayus, who is originally from The Bahamas and relocated to the UK for the MBA in 2010, added that “the podcast was an opportunity to reflect on the life-changing experience that was the MBA and to give personal perspectives on how to make the most of the programme.”

The third member of this podcast series is Rohit who grew up in India and worked in Singapore prior to coming to Manchester for his MBA. Rohit says, “Since leaving AMBS I have worked in the energy sector, most recently with BP as a Cyber Security Lead. I live in London and I am currently taking a short career break, giving me more time to focus on the podcast. My motivation behind the podcast was getting together with old classmates and reflecting on our experience searching for an MBA programme, studying an MBA and how this broadened our horizons and shaped our future careers.”