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Project outputs for COVID-19 recovery

Here we look at publications that will assist Recovery and Renewal from COVID-19 to build Resilience. 

1. PDF which looks at key issues.

2. Considerations for local authorities when using contact tracing apps.

3. This document of written evidence identifies a number of challenges faced by the UK in preparation for a pandemic, including logistics, guidance and funding. Insights were collated from interviews with people with expertise in emergency planning from the government and the NHS.

4. Duncan Shaw and David Powell examine The Emergencies Partnership which offers a unique proposition – to bring together like-minded organisations and represent a sector’s support to major emergencies.

5. Written evidence to the House of Lords committee focusing on the benefits of increasing public involvement in emergency planning and the role of exercising to test risk preparedness, and addresses lessons learnt from COVID-19 for approaches to risk planning and risk assessment.

6. There is the recent House of Lords video on Parliament TV focused on Risk Communications at which Duncan Shaw gave evidence.

7. We were spotlighted in the UoM magazine discussing how communities are a local asset for resilience. 

8. Taking lessons learned from the pandemic and international expertise, ISO/TS 22393, Security and resilience – Community resilience – Guidelines for planning recovery and renewal, has just been published.

9. Renewal of Community Resilience: A new local and national resilience capability? - July 2021.

10. People in a pandemic: Rethinking the role of ‘Community’ in community resilience practices - April 2022.

11. The key issues - July 2020.

12. Post-COVID recovery and renewal through whole-of-society resilience in cities - March 2022.

13. Recovering from COVID-19: Community Resilience.

14. Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments synthesis and analysis report 2022.

15. Preparing for Extreme Risks: Building a Resilient Society.

16. Risky business: Look local to learn lessons from the COVID-19 crisis - January 2022.

17. Community resilience: A new capability for local resilience - May 2021