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Not-for-profit consultancy project has recommendations published

In September 2021 a group of students from our Full-time MBA class of 2023 worked with Bendrigg Trust as part of their not-for-profit project. The students in the group include: Anna Darko, Azizkhon Yuldashev, Akash Kollengode, Monica Dea Puspita and Diego Smart.

This is the second time we have worked with the trust. The aim of the project was to conduct a holistic review of the volunteering programme to help identify how well the Trust was doing. It also looked at ways to attract new volunteers and retain old ones.

The project team used both surveys and interviews to understand what made volunteers opt to work with Bendrigg Trust. The student looked into what the volunteers enjoyed about the work there, how they were treated, whether they would recommend Bendrigg Trust to others and areas of improvement.

This was the first time since the establishment of the Charity that the volunteering programme was being reviewed and it was to provide valuable insight to management to make any necessary changes.

Over the last few years COVID-19 had impacted the regular supply of volunteers. The charity needed to find new ways to attract more volunteers and retain them with special attention focused on the youth (18 – 35) as more of the returning volunteers were older (50+ years).

At the end of the project, the Alliance Manchester Business School team delivered a presentation and submitted a report detailing their findings. They gave recommendations on how to attract new volunteers, including:

  • Improving social media presence of the Trust by employing the services of a social media marketer
  • Tailor advertising message on volunteering opportunities to suit the target groups

We are delighted that the findings and recommendations made by our team of MBA students has been published in Bendrigg Trust latest report. Read the details in the report.

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