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Manchester Matters: sharing stories that matter

Manchester Matters: sharing stories that matter

Manchester Matters is a student-led, 'Ted Talks' style event where our MBAs share stories that matter from all over the world – from ‘Peruvian cuisine’ to ‘Personal Intelligence’. 

Spearheaded by the Class of 2018 student council, Manchester Matters takes place every semester and offers a relaxed forum for MBAs to share their experiences, build their confidence in public speaking and network with other postgraduate AMBS students.

The Manchester MBA brings talented professionals together from all corners of the globe and industry, with an average of 30 nationalities per cohort. With such amazing diversity in each class, there is no shortage of Manchester Matters topics. Cast an eye over the list of presentations to date and it's clear to see that our MBAs really do come from all walks of life:

  • 'Bitcoin: A sinking trend?' – Marcelo Correa, Brazilian 
  • 'Challenges Women Face in the Energy Sector' – Mrinalini Menon, Indian
  • 'Colourism' – Ayushi Gupta, Indian
  • 'Dataism' – Teymuraz Kushashvili, Russian
  • 'Freedom lost: modern slavery and its prevalence in supply chains' – Aaiza Ansari, Pakistani
  • 'Hello. My name is Abdullah and I’ve never made a mistake.' – Abdullah Aljwirah, Saudi Arabian
  • 'How My Hobby Changed my Life' – Shreyashi Dasgupta, Indian
  • 'How to be successful in a foreign workforce' – Kim Joungho, Korean
  • 'Insights on the Brazilian credit card market' – Daniel Bento, Brazilian 
  • 'Japaneseness – a real-life case study' – Daniel Shuttleworth, British
  • 'Jordan a home away from home for Refugees' – Ahmad Alshamaileh, Jordanian
  • 'Nothing is Free' – Duce Rienmahasarn, Thai
  • 'Personal Intelligence' – Thais De Lourdes Macieira, Brazilian
  • 'Peruvian Culinary History' – Sebastian Schroth, Peruvian
  • 'Pre-MBA Not-for-Profit Project' – Ali Abdulhussain, Omani
  • 'Principles of War in Business' – Mike Morris, British
  • 'Project Finance and Infrastructure' – Fernando Visser, Brazilian
  • 'Public/Private Partnership Models' – Mounir Chaowiche Jr, Brazilian
  • 'Shared Economy in the Music Industry' – Eduardo Gouveia, Portuguese
  • 'Shared Leadership' – Igor Saldanhan, Brazilian
  • 'Superfoods of South America' – Erick Vera, Peruvian
  • 'The New Immigrants' – Jaime Martinez, Venezuelan
  • 'The Rwandan Recovery' – Ludmila Crowther, American-British
  • 'The Sweetness of Doing Nothing' – Orlando Buendia, Peruvian
  • 'Time to move: Why time is not the problem… even for an MBA' – Lewis Ryan, British
  • 'Unexpected Indonesians' – Jehezkiel Simanjuntak, Indonesian
  • 'What’s in a Name?' – Muhammad Bilal, Pakistani
  • 'Why are people scared of derivatives?' – Bruno Sardao, Brazilian

Manchester Matters: my experience

Ayushi Gupta, Indian, Class of 2019 shares her experience of speaking at the fourth iteration of Manchester Matters.

Ayushi Gupta, MBA Class of 2019

Only through communication can human life hold meaning. – Paulo Freire

"Now in its second year, Manchester Matters is a huge success amongst MBA students at Alliance Manchester Business School. This is an event that attracts storytellers and expressionists from the diverse cohort to get on stage and share with the rest of us.

"I received an opportunity to take part at the very start of my MBA journey and I shared 'what matters' to me in the form of a session at Manchester Matters.

"It was the perfect time to break the ice with my fellow classmates. I just had to make sure that my speech would connect with everyone. My MBA cohort is a diverse crowd: people come from different background and cultures, speak different languages and believe in different things. I chose an area which everyone could relate to, Insecurity.

"I shared my experience of dealing with insecurity, which crawled up on me during the teenage years of my life, and explained how I dealt with it to come out a better and stronger person. The topic of my speech was Colourism, where I talked about my personal experience as well as the global cry for fair skin colour in fields such as advertising, modelling and media.

"I was surprised to receive such a warm response from everyone at the end of the session. Different people came up to me to share vignettes of their lives, from when they had experienced a certain 'low time' with respect to insecurities, and what they did to overcome them. It was one of the best experiences I've had so far, as it made me understand people better and form bonds at a much deeper level.

"Every person has a story to share, every story is unique in its own way and there is so much to learn. During my MBA journey I aim to learn as much as I can from people with diverse background and cultures."

Female MBA presenting

Ayushi speaking at Manchester Matters

Manchester Matters: playlist

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