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Introduction to our Full-time MBA Class of 2023 student council

Each year we elect a student council for our Full-time MBA programme. Congratulations and welcome to the new student council for the Class of 2023. We look forward to seeing the great work they will achieve while at Alliance Manchester Business School.

papada sirisukhodom mba student

Papada Sirisukhodom, President

City and Country: Bangkok, Thailand
Pre MBA role - Product Marketing Manager at StartDee, an education technology start-up focused on providing underprivileged students equal access to education (subsidiary of Ruangguru, VC-backed, largest EdTech company in Southeast Asia). Prior to StartDee, I was an E-commerce Manager at Johnson and Johnson and the Health and Beauty Category manager at Lazada, an Alibaba company.
Why you chose Manchester?  I was attracted to Manchester’s unique “learning by doing” curriculum. The 900 hours of consultancy projects, with clients from various industries including non-profits and international corporations. This got me excited about being in an environment where I would be challenged by real-life problems and solving these issues with diverse team members.
Post-MBA goals  I would like to join a tech start-up in the UK that is working towards setting up marketplaces for local communities or creating new products that will change the way people live and work. I would also like to explore opportunities in the Sales and Marketing division at big technology companies. 
Last book you read? Atomic habits by James Clear
Favourite Music (name of the artist) - Ed Sheeran, Coldplay
Favourite thing about Manchester? Manchester feels like a home away from home. Although Manchester is a big city, it's a cosy place to live. The people here are very friendly and welcoming. It's very convenient to get around and supermarkets as well as shopping areas are always within walking distance. There is a lot to explore in Manchester. I enjoy the Manchester United football games, especially the night matches, they are always full of atmosphere.
Your life motto - Be in the moment and do your best in the present because the present is a gift, the past is last, and the future is unknown.
If you need help with something, I can help with… connecting you to the right resources. I can help with communications and negotiations. I am a very easy going and approachable person and I am all ears if you run into issues and need someone to consult with.

rikita mehra mba student

Ritika Mehra, VP Communications and Finance

City and country Kolkata, India
Pre MBA role Key Account Manager at Zomato
Why you chose Manchester?  The learning by doing approach of the programme that runs parallel to the classroom learnings. The overall MBA programme and how the timeline can be tailored.
Post-MBA goals? As I come from a background of sales and business development, I would want to move into roles in consulting preferably in tech industry
Last book you read? Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt
Favourite music (name of the artist) ? Coldplay
Favourite thing about Manchester? The vibe of the city and the people. 
Your life motto? 'It's never too late to be what you might've been.” - George Eliot.

 zara mba student

Zara de Belder, VP of ESG & Community

City and country: London, United Kingdom
Pre MBA role: ESG/Sustainability Consultant
Why you chose Manchester? The School's commitment to sustainability and the emphasis on ESG within the MBA curriculum.
Post-MBA goals? To help businesses integrate sustainability within their strategy, culture and operational capabilities.
Last book you read? The Ocean Outlaw by Ian Urbina
Favourite music (name of the artist) Anything with catchy lyrics and a great rhythm! 
Favourite thing about Manchester? There's an amazing foodie scene and the Peak District is only a short drive away.
Your life motto? My favourite quote is from the American civil rights activist, Maya Angelou “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
If you need help with something, I can help with.. ESG strategy development, volunteering opportunities and tips on how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

 joe blackburn mba student

Joe Blackburn, VP Social

City and country Manchester, UK
Pre MBA role Recruitment Consultant, managing a national team.
Why you chose Manchester? I live here, grew up here and absolutely love the City. It's a great place to be. 
Post-MBA goals? Immediately post my MBA I would like to acquire a strategic position in an industry I am passionate about. My goal for the next decade is to become a CEO.
Last book you read? Scar Tissue, the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis. I have always loved the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and had no idea of this books existence before my housemate's colleague gave him it. 
Favourite music (name of the artist) Very difficult to choose between the aforementioned Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers and the extremely cliché Oasis. 
Favourite thing about Manchester? A disgustingly arrogant answer but, the cultural significance, I genuinely believe the world would be a much worse place without Manchester. For a more comprehensive answer I recommend reading the poem This is the Place by Tony Walsh. 
Your life motto? Why not?
If you need help with something, I can help with… Recommendations for musicals, I have seen over 20 and counting.  

beatriz mba student 

Beatriz Santos Martinho, VP Social

City and country Aveiro, Portugal
Pre MBA role Finance Quality and Efficiency Coordinator
Why you chose Manchester? Absolutely love Manchester! The livelihood and how multi-cultural it is. The programme really resonated with me with it being so practical and global.
Post-MBA goals? I want to change my career and ultimately become a purpose-led, value-driven leader and an overall better-rounded individual
Last book you read? How will you measure your life
Favourite music (name of the artist) Glass Animals
Favourite thing about Manchester? Diversity
Your life motto? Focus on the things you CAN change
If you need help with something, I can help with… recommendations!

 satyam sancheti mba student

Satyam Sancheti, VP Well-being

City and country Jodhpur, India
Pre MBA role  A lawyer turned entrepreneur. Before joining MBA, I handled the export division of an agro-commodity export house. I also managed a not-for-profit fitness community with over 1000 members.
Why you chose Manchester? A diverse cohort, a prestigious university in one of the most student friendly cities. A comprehensive MBA structure with focus on learning by doing, motivated me to choose the Manchester MBA.
Post-MBA goals?  As far as my short-term goals are concerned, I want to work in strategy team of consumer goods industry. In long term, I aim to set up my own business in the agro based consumer industry sector in the UK.
Last book you read? Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
Favourite music (name of the artist) I love to listen to Bollywood soft music and my favourite artist is this famous music composer from India - AR Rahman
Favourite thing about Manchester?  I love the student friendly culture, friendly people, and the restaurants - especially the amazing names they have 
Your life motto?  Live in the moment
I love this quote from Kung Fu Panda 
“Yesterday was a history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift and that is why it is called a ‘Present’.”
If you need help with something, I can help with… I am very passionate about mental and physical health, a professional yoga instructor and a long-distance running enthusiast. You can reach out to me for yoga, meditation, breathing techniques or marathon training. Apart from that, I have a finance and accounting educational background and I can help you with any doubts you have in projects and subjects in these topics. 

 jorge mba student

Jorge Alejandro Oregon Pineda, VP Careers

City and country Mexico City, Mexico
Pre MBA role  Founding partner at Ruiz, Oregón, Liévana & Courtney, S.C.
Why you chose Manchester? Manchester is one of the leading business schools in Europe, with a programme structure around consulting with a different type of approach to the business insights. The practical approach through the Manchester Method, learn by doing and original thinking applied really appealed to me. 
Post-MBA goals? Stay in Europe and continue developing my professional career in a different industry.
Last book you read? “Start with why” by Simon Sinek
Favourite music (name of the artist) Electric funk - SG Lewis
Favourite thing about Manchester? It’s a really vibrant city and a major cultural and historical hub
Your life motto? “It’s only a crazy dream until you do it”
If you need help with something, I can help with… reaching out to PCS team about any concerns or doubts you may have related to job applications, internships, cv tailoring and different services that the team currently offer.

himanshu bansal mba student 

Himanshu Bansal, VP Academics

City and country Mumbai, India
Pre MBA-role  Project Manager
Why you chose Manchester?  Consultancy projects, more practical approach to study, world renowned
Post-MBA goals?  Consultancy or Tech
Last book you read? "A Thousand splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini
Favourite music (name of the artist) Arijit Singh
Favourite thing about Manchester?  Variety of Desserts
Your life motto?  My Life Motto is "Everything you want is on the other side of fear."  - Jack Canfield

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