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Happy New Year from the MBA Class of 2018 Student Council

Happy New Year from the MBA Class of 2018 Student Council

Last year included some great moments and also some challenging times, but there was always a silver lining thanks to the friends we have gained during this journey. 

As we look ahead to another great semester, here are some of the best moments and activities that we shared last year:

  • Guest speakers and networking events on campus, including an all-female alumni panel and innovation workshop with AMBS alumni.
  • Invaluable contributions from our classmates who shared their experiences of studying at AMBS – from exploring the numerous opportunities offered by the MBA to reviewing a 40-degree autumn in Dubai.
  • Launching the Manchester Matters lecture series and its iterations, where 18 of us spoke to more than 90% of the class overall.
  • Giving constant feedback to improve the programme, the lecturers and the structure of some courses.
  • Helping the community with fundraising for Born to Thrive, a workshop for Teach First, and community service in London and in Zurich.
  • All the training and the amazing victories in the MBAT sports tournament: the battle of the bands with TTT, the best mascot, pool with the golden boys, fusion dance, basketball and many more…. #beeagressive Mancunians!
  • Several goals (and injuries) in the International Football Challenge - IFC.
  • Lovely cultural nights (China, Indian, Middle East, Latin, among others), the Ball, Christmas celebrations, Bowling night, Treasure Hunt, birthdays celebrations, BBQs and many more fun activities enjoyed together.
  • Pictures and more pictures. Beers and more beers. Friends and more friends.

Thanks to all the people that helped with ideas, their time and effort, and their contagious energy! Also, special thanks to the amazing, challenging and multi-tasking VPs!

Let's continue creating special moments in the months to come.

Sincerely yours (mic drop),

The Council

MBA student council

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