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Global MBA graduate profile: Kiran Sispal

Kiran Sispal graduated from the Global Part-time MBA in 2016 and used her MBA to secure a role in finance in Abu Dhabi.

Kiran Sispal, Global MBA (Finance Accelerated) 2016

Current role: Associate Director (Enterprise risk – Group Internal Audit), National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Pre-MBA role: Risk Manager, Santander, UK

"The Global MBA has had a positive impact on my career, allowing me to attain greater responsibilities at work and lead projects. It provided a good combination of business tools with an emphasis on finance-related concepts that I am applying to my current role. It is also helping me to think strategically about how I approach projects at work and manage change in a constantly-evolving environment.

"My current company hired me due to the specialist credit risk expertise and industry experience I had gained in the UK market. I travelled to the Singapore and Dubai centres for my MBA a number of times and expanded my professional network in the Middle East. This led to the opportunity to join the largest bank in the UAE, to help build a specialist credit risk audit function within Group Internal Audit.

"I would advise incoming students to take advantage of the international centres! The opportunity to travel and study at the international locations was hands down the highlight of the entire MBA journey for me. It is life-changing in that you get to meet so many interesting people along the way, who will inevitably shape how you adapt to different cultures and working environments. This is something I think every individual should focus on at the start of his or her MBA journey. The world of work is changing and interpersonal skills play a pivotal role in establishing good working relationships and friendships for life. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between studies, work and personal life.

"The MBA has expanded my mindset considerably, both professionally and personally. The time and effort that goes into completing the MBA, whilst balancing a full-time career is an experience that shapes you as an individual. The self-belief that I have gained in going through that experience will put me in good stead for my future career endeavours.  Nothing is impossible if you have a true desire to achieve success and the determination to back it up.

"During my MBA, I realised I have a lot more patience and resilience than I initially thought. I was able to relocate to another country alone mid-way through my MBA, as well as take up a new career opportunity and still maintain a strong commitment to completing my MBA. This experience has shaped how I approach challenging situations in my life and has taught me the value of thinking and acting strategically."

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