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From Generation to Generation

A group of students from our Full-time MBA Class of 2023 worked with a charity called From Generation to Generation (FG2G) as part of their not-for-profit (NFP) consultancy project.

Alliance Manchester Business School’s (AMBS) Full-time MBA have worked on projects with the organisation in previous years. Joydeep Pal, Full-time MBA alum worked with the client when he was studying his Full-time MBA in 2016 and is now a trustee for the organisation.

When he worked with FG2G his MBA group identified and recommended potential funding sources and diversification initiatives to future proof the organisation. Joydeep said, “I found it a really pleasant and eye-opening experience working with FG2G. We all learnt a lot from Dr Norma Raynes, CEO who spearheaded the concept of the organisation. As a team we were really excited to apply all the different MBA learnings to make a real impact on society.”

Once Joydeep finished working on the NFP project he decided to continue his involvement with the charity. He said, “the idea of creating sustainable intergenerational communities excited me from the very beginning. When the Board of Trustees approached me to help execute the recommendations from our project I was overwhelmed and excited to work with them and give back to society.”

Norma Raynes, chief executive of the charity and also the founder worked with our MBA students on their NFP project this year. Norma explained to us the idea behind the charity, “we want to bring the old and young together. We are building a sustainable programme to support and inspire young and old members of local communities. We have discovered it is a great way for the older generation to work with younger generations and there not be such a waste of human resources.”

Norma spoke about the Caldecott festival which was her latest project. The idea behind the festival was using the resources from the organisation, bringing the young and old together, helping the next generation of artists to fulfil their potential. The MBA students were brought in to help the organisation understand if the festival will be financially viable.

“They were superb to work with. We have used their data and project work constantly. They all travelled to Shropshire to complete research and meet people within the organisation, helping them to get a sense of what we are trying to achieve. The findings they shared with us have massively benefited us. They have given us CSR information and shown us how we can manage our resources. The students case studied other companies to show us how they survived doing something similar, a lot of benchmarking work was delivered to us and this was all incredibly useful.”

Norma said how there are no challenges when it comes to hosting an MBA project from AMBS. The students and organisation worked virtually through zoom meetings with the odd meeting in person. “From the organisation’s point of view this was an excellent project and we gained from it hugely. Working with these MBA students you get first rate minds who were interested and challenged by the project. The whole organisation was new to them and wasn’t a world any of them came from. We were enriched by the whole experience, having the extra hands and heads added massively to our organisation and this particular project we were working on.”

The positivity from the client is also echoed by students who have worked with them. The students said how you learn a lot from practicing real life projects, implementing the teachings from the academics of the MBA programme. Joydeep who has now completed the Full-time MBA added, “The projects provide you with the toolkits to apply in career or life alongside real business confidence to succeed in life.”

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