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China Centre wins Most Influential MBA award

In December, The Best Education of China 2019 Award Ceremony was held in Beijing at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. This year's ceremony has selected annual "Best Education of China" outstanding educational institutions and individuals to encourage the promotion of innovative educational development in China and the development of educational models and to promote high-quality educational resources to the public.

After nearly three months of online voting and expert review by netizens, the University of Manchester China Centre won the "2019 Influential MBA Program" award for its well-known Manchester Global MBA programme, and Ms Sherry Fu, University of Manchester China Centre Director won "2019 Education Industry Influential Role Model" award, which was the only overseas award-winning institution.

As a representative of the award-winning institution, Ms Sherry Fu, University of Manchester China Centre Director, was invited to attend the ceremony and gathered together with well-known experts in education, scholars, and entrepreneurial elites to witness the development of China's education industry, make suggestions for the future development of education.

Hosted by the China Internet News Center, The Best Education of China 2019 Award Ceremony has been held for seven years and has become the flag on the road to education reform. It attracts education experts, scholars, educational officials, teachers and educational institutions from all over the country to focus on the development of Chinese education. The Year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In the future, the main theme of education in the new era has risen to the pursuit of high-quality education. China is also moving from a big education country to a strong education country. Witnessing the development of education and applauding educators is the core theme of this annual event.

Sherry Fu Accepting her award

Lead the localization innovation of UoM China Centre

As a leader in high-end business education, the University of Manchester has always been at the forefront of development, not only using big data to support teaching, but also mastering the needs of the global talent market, and cultivating talents in today's business environment.

The University of Manchester China Center was established in Shanghai in 2008 while Alliance Manchester Business School’s flagship programme - Global MBA programme, was introduced to China. It has trained more than 1,800 senior business management talents. The China Centre actively promotes the establishment of sustainable cooperation strategies with top Chinese and foreign companies and has made outstanding contributions to the cultivation of talents in the Chinese business field.

Today, the University of Manchester China Centre has become the largest overseas centre after 11 years of hard work. The centre is committed to cultivating international business elites and industry leaders in China and supporting economic and trade cooperation between China and the UK.

Director Sherry Fu said at the awards ceremony: "It is a great honour to be recognized and rewarded again for "The Best Education of China". This is undoubtedly an active confirmation of the quality of our education and Sino-UK business exchange’s contributions in the past 11 years in China, and an encouragement to our future development. "

The development of the education industry is inseparable from a group of caring educators and education entrepreneurs, who have continuously created an education model suitable for Chinese students. Ms Fu also won the "2019 Education Industry Influential Role Model" at this ceremony, honouring her leadership and the high recognition to the University of Manchester China Center’s active promotion to the diversification of education in China for many years.

The crowd at the The Best Education of China Award

Promote cross-border education and pilot education 4.0

Embracing new technologies and achieving multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary education is the development trend of global higher business education in the digital economy era. 2019 is the year of standardized development of China's education industry. The development of the education industry has accelerated, and global trends such as international education, online education, and AI + education have set off a new upsurge in China

In addition to the Global MBA programme, relying on the university's cutting-edge big data education technology and advanced industry-leading teaching models, the China Center is actively introducing more online courses, and has launched a series of part-time master degrees such as Financial Management and International Fashion Marketing. The courses, through the introduction of Manchester University's cutting-edge online learning platform, are combined with more than 20 years of part-time education experience, constitutes a global higher education network, helping to realize the demand for lifelong learning and bringing diversity to more Chinese industry elites.

Ms Fu highlighted, “The technological revolution of the Internet and new era has not only brought subversive changes to the business model but also changed the innovation environment and concepts of higher business education. In the digital age, the development of education in the future needs to explore the 'qualitative change' of the strategic thinking of big data.  It is believed that the revolutionary and innovative practice in educational technology from the University of Manchester will bring more inspiration to the development of higher education in China."

About The University of Manchester

Founded in 2008, the University of Manchester China Centre has actively engaged in the exchanges and cooperation in culture, education and commerce between China and the UK and has built long-term partnership with China’s top institutes and developed strategic alliances with industry-leading companies regarding talent development and management. After 11 years of endeavour, the University of Manchester China Centre has become a leader in the field of international business education in China region and will continue to be a world-class provider of international education.

Adhering to the ethos “No Barriers, No Boundaries”, with a global reputation for quality, and accessible learning, the University of Manchester China Centre is committed to cultivating talent with global exposure, through providing courses including the Manchester Global MBA, Kelley-Manchester Global MBA, Tongji-Manchester Global MBA, MSc Financial ManagementMSc International Fashion Marketing and MSc Education Leadership in practice.