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‘BeeOut’ launch event creates a buzz

BeeOut, a student-run club for LGBT MBA students and ‘allies’, was launched in June.

MBA Class of 2018 students Orlando Ramon Buendia Platas, Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Arana, Zhao Lei and Lisette Alejandra Tucto Mechan shared their experiences with classmates at the launch event.

There was also an insightful guest speaker from Paul Marks-Jones, the University's Equality and Diversity Manager, and tips for how ‘ally’ students can support LGBT peers.

BeeOut will offer a more business-focused environment than the established University of Manchester LGBT society, which organises weekly coffee meet-ups, film nights, charity fundraisers and social events. The MBA club aims to help LGBT candidates prepare for their future careers as senior leaders while educating classmates - or 'allies' - on a range of LGBT issues. This understanding is increasingly valued by businesses across the world. 

“BeeOut will provide a safe space where all members can feel comfortable and discuss issues concerning LGBT students. We are looking forward to holding a range of events on-campus, in London and in Europe throughout the year for LGBT and ‘ally’ students.” - Orlando Ramon Buendia Platas, Club President

Dates in the diary already include the Manchester Pride festival in August and the EurOut conference in London, an annual conference attended by 30 business schools and over 40 companies.

For further information, please email or search ‘BeeOut Alliance Manchester Business School’ on Facebook.