Work, UCAS application and Borneo…


Almost five months have gone since I made the big move to the capital. Time has really flown by and it feels like I have been here for a lot longer. Long enough to know the tube map by heart; to get annoyed at tourists who stand on the left side of the escalator; and long enough to avoid Oxford Circus during December and let my missus go gift shopping on her own.

Oxford street

Work is probably the main reason for this. Looking back at my job portfolio over the last months; the wide range of work I’ve been part of so far really shows how fast pace this industry is and how steep the learning curve has been the first half year. Knowing that I’ve gone from starting my mornings by scrolling through the trending section on 9gag, to actually enjoy reading about bond yields and pension funds every morning in CITY AM, kinda scares me.


Xmas day

My younger sister just submitted her UCAS application the other week. She asked me whether to apply for MBS or select another uni from her listing she had probably got from the Guardian’s University league tables. Although she had already made up her mind that she would pick MBS as one of her 5 choices after her visit at my graduation last summer, I encouraged her to put down MBS as her firm choice. The reason? My interest for bond yields and pension funds stems from Professor Khurshed’s many interesting finance lectures in 1st year, and I still scroll through 9gag every now and then. MBS is indeed a mixture of business and pleasure.

Other than that, I just recently decided that I would travel to Borneo this summer as part of Deloitte’s Charity Challenge. This includes hiking, cycling and rafting in the extreme heat. It was either this or the London Marathon in April. It had to be one. At least I will have a couple of months to prepare for Borneo. Also, I don’t have to take the risk of embarrassing myself on national TV.


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