Wish me luck…


Its now the end of April and the exam timetables have been published. I have my calendar marked and am counting down the days ‘til they’re over.

This semester has seen a lot more work in the way of assignments and presentations, so therefore us ITMB students will only have three exams to sit in May which is a kind of good thing, but the three that we have are in quite difficult subjects so we still have a huge amount to learn for them. I only began revising just last week in preparation for two assessed mid-terms I had, however this revision wasn’t overly intensive as I intend to start properly revising now, after I finish writing this in fact. The two mid-terms went pretty well I feel, nothing came up that caught me off guard. I’m hoping the actual exams follow similar approaches.

On the 25th there was another ITMB employer showcase event relating to our year-long team projects. The event was similar to one that we had towards the end of the last semester, only this time we had to present our final web applications that we have created. The event is a perfect opportunity to network, not only with other ITMB students but also with the academic staff and company representatives who also attend. Many industry-leading firms are present at the event, such as Logica, Credit Suisse and of course Jaguar Land Rover, the company who set the problem situation on which our team project is based. I feel my team worked really well together on the day, however unlike last time we did not come first in the competition, however we all thoroughly enjoyed it and the free treats that were on offer nonetheless.

With most of our coursework tasks complete (bar one more assessed Java lab) and most lecturers just holding revision classes there has been a spot of time for me to regain my slice of Manchester nightlife. The ITMB 1st years had a mini social just this week. Many of my course mates went to watch United v City immediately after one of the mid-term tests I mentioned. I’m more than likely the least interested person when it comes to football so I skipped that but joined in when we all went out after. Pangaea, one of the biggest nights on the calendar is coming up soon. I’ve only ever been to one before but it was amazing. Its always themed which is always a laugh, would definitely recommend you checking it out if you come to Manchester, as well as the Parklife festival which is going into its 3rd year and growing in popularity tremendously. I would recommend you to go, as there is a huge range of acts and it’s local, based in Platt Fields Park right next to many of the student halls. Both of these events are acting as my motivators to help keep me sane as I crack on to begin this revision. Wish me luck…


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