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The weather is getting colder, the libraries are getting busier as deadlines loom and the AMBS Winter Ball sold out (in 10 minutes, I wasn’t quick enough) – this can only mean one thing: it’s December!

I have found the workload has certainly increased this month or rather I have simply been able to dedicate more time to work now that I am no longer applying or looking for internship schemes. Semester one course units are beginning to end with revision lectures as students and staff realise January exams are now not too far away…

One module that runs across semester one and two is ‘Research Methodology’. I initially undertook this module as a pre-requisite to a dissertation in my final year rather than out of pure choice, yet I have found this module to be one of the most useful in terms of the skills learnt. Whilst lecturers and seminar leaders are always on hand to help, this module certainly emphasises academic freedom and independent study. My preliminary/potential dissertation topic is focused on the issue of ticket touting and the secondary ticket market within the live music industry, this is a topic I have followed with a keen interest for a while now but never something I thought I could explore in the setting of AMBS, especially as it is not an area that would be on your typical business school curriculum. It has been enjoyable to conduct a literature review based on a topic completely of my choosing and is perhaps what I thought university study would be like when it was time to think about university a few years ago.

This month I also had my first exam of second year, whilst aware of midterms being commonplace for many subjects at the university, this midterm counted for 40% of my grade in this particular module. Second year counts for a 1/3 of my overall mark, the overall module was worth 20 credits (out of 120 I take across this year), so in theory this midterm counted for around 2% of my final mark, thankfully it went well. The advantage of online tests centred on Blackboard is that you can often see your mark within a week of taking the test.

Away from university, I briefly visited London to see family, where the Christmas shoppers were out in full force. Manchester is so well connected by train, but travelling at short notice can often be very expensive so I opted to take the Megabus instead, taking just under five hours to get to London; albeit at a much cheaper price than the train.

On the music side, November/December are notoriously quiet for musical activity, whether it is new releases or shows, although I have purchased tickets to see Four Tet, Wild Beasts and LCD Soundsystem over the next few months. There are so many venues to visit in Manchester, these shows are at the O2 Apollo (which is fairly near to the university and has a capacity of 3500) and Old Granada Studios, which is a much smaller venue closer to Salford.

I imagine the next blog will focus on revision and January exams.

Happy New Year!

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