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Congratulations on finding your way to my blog and to your free subscription to a fresher’s life at Manchester Business School. My name is Carl Danny Luong and I am an undergraduate in Management. I am 22 years old (hold up, wait a sec – that is not old at all!) and I will let you guess from my picture where I come from. No, it is not China… no, not Vietnam either. It is actually Sweden. So yes, the country of IKEA, H&M, Abba and the pretty blonde women. Not the country where they make chocolate, because that is Switzerland.

Welcome to my blog

Enough with that, let’s get down to business. So, how have my first weeks at uni been? Well, freshers’ week was pretty insane. Apart from that, I am just soaking up the positive energy from all the excited students in this vibrant city, that was unfamiliar to me just a week ago, and I feel like I am already settled in. Lectures started today and I did really enjoy them (I promise, this is not to sell or advertise the University). One reason for being so positive about my first day of lectures was that I met most of the people today who I will be spending my next three years with.

There is a huge mixture of people from different nationalities but I guess the majority comes from either the UK or Southeast Asia, and that is when I start to become interesting as I was the only one from Sweden on my course… until today! I randomly sat next to a girl in today’s lecture and we started to chat a bit. So, I finally found someone to share my plate of meatballs with. I feel like I have been really efficient today. I have been to two lectures, grabbed lunch with a course mate at the Arndale Shopping Centre and I finished my application to become a Student Representative. I like meeting people and I love taking on projects and challenges, so it would definitely be of great interest for me to take on the responsibility the position would carry.

Interesting first lecture in Quantitative Methods. All the cool students sit at the back, right

Interesting first lecture in Quantitative Methods. All the cool students sit at the back, right

It is Monday evening and I am currently peeking at the people in the opposite building. Some are trying to do a bit of work even though lectures only just started; others are hanging around in the common areas within the campus socialising. My flatmate just popped in asking me if I would like to come with them for a party tonight, but I think I owe myself a bit of rest after last week’s freshers’ parties. There is this big event going on at a club called HMV Ritz, with famous Dubstep and Drum ‘n’ Bass DJs. Not really into that music to be fair. So tonight, I will be hitting the gym!


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