Welcome to Manchester

A not-so-great picture with the Taj Mahal!

A not-so-great picture with the Taj Mahal!

“Welcome to Manchester”, the flight attended said, and suddenly the memories of the nervousness and excitement of coming to Manchester for the first time last year came back. While I had an amazing time back home, I’m extremely excited to be back home and start my second year. Coming back a couple of weeks before Uni actually starts, I’ll not only get a chance to enjoy the last few weeks of the English summer, but will also be working as a Student Ambassador during Fresher’s week.

I spent most of my summer working for a Textiles company in Ahmedabad, India as an intern. I was a part of a team that was working on planning and developing the company’s e-commerce platform. Even though it could get really exhaustive at times, it was one of the greatest experiences.

It wasn’t just work all summer. Over summer, I also managed to do a bit of travelling.

Back home in time for the Rakhi festival!

Back home in time for the Rakhi festival!

This included trips to Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Udaipur. Mumbai and Chennai were work-related trips, but I did manage to wrap up work quickly so I could check out the cities. It’s amazing how much I’ve yet to see in my own country.

Being back in Manchester feels great! Being a part of the student ambassador team turned out to be a fabulous experience, as I not only managed to meet a lot of new people, but also because I learnt so much more about the city through all the different events across Manchester, that I hadn’t got a clue about.

Lecture started two days after the student ambassador job finished! This year, we are allowed to choose a specialism and also optional modules. I have decided to specialize in International Business Economics, but my aim is choose modules that touch all core elements of Business. MBS also allows a period of two weeks for us to attend lectures of any modules so as to get better clarity in case anyone is confused between some modules. I’m confused about a few selections so I’d be attending those lectures so I can make the right decision.

For the upcoming month, I’ve got a number of things lined up. Most important of which is that I’ll be reprising my role of a student ambassador during the Open Day on October 4th, but this time, in Manchester Business School. So if any of you do attend, please come and say hi! I have also got a number of Manchester Entrepreneurs events and am also in the process of planning the first event for the Vegetarian Society with all the lovely committee members. The badminton season is also about to start and I’m quite excited about it as the members of the squad are great. But we’ll see how it goes!

Good luck to all the students joining this year!


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