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Freshers Week

Hello and welcome to my blog! I will be your guide to life as a student at the Alliance Manchester Business School. My name is Wale Adeola and I’m an undergraduate studying BSc (Hons) International Management. I’m 20 years young and I’m from the bright lights and bustle of London.

My first weeks of university? Fresher’s week was about as crazy as I imagined. Mind you, going out pretty much every night for a week DOES take a lot out of you (Top tip: Stock up on Lemsip. You’ll thank me later). My lectures have been very interesting thus far and I’m really loving the course. What I really like about it is the broad range of subject matter we cover in the first year. It’s almost like doing three courses at once which means that all the content feels fresh from module to module.

Now, onto Manchester itself.

As soon as I got here, I became very aware of how many students live in the city. Being home to five large higher education institutions helps with this, of course, but it all means that Manchester feels like a youthful, vibrant city from day one. The university population is also very diverse for which the University of Manchester is renowned, I think. I must’ve met people from around 20 different countries by now and it’s only been a month!

As for what I’ve been getting up to, it’s mainly been making sure I keep up with my readings and tutorial questions. One thing you should never underestimate is the amount of independent study you need to get a solid grasp of the topics taught. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! I go out from time to time but I’ve never been much of a party animal. I did head out to a large event at the O2 Ritz called Lightbox which was a lot of fun. Finally, I joined the university’s athletics club and I train with them every Monday at the Manchester Regional Arena which is the athletics stadium used during the 2002 Commonwealth games. It just doesn’t get any better than sprinting under floodlights in the evening and pretending there’s a crowd behind you chanting your name!

Come back next month for an update on the Manchester lifestyle and what it’s like when exam season starts to creep up on us all!

This is Wale; signing off. Until next time, I bid you all farewell!


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I’m 20 years young and I’m from the bright lights and bustle of London.

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