You know you’re having a good time when you forget to take pictures or videos. November turned out to be a very eventful month with some life changing situations, further shaping my character and getting to understand myself better. It’s only in the second year I’ve finally began to live a student life – sleepless nights, weekly going outs, less sleep and more work. Although the transition can sometimes be difficult to handle, I’m more than just happy to have the life I’m living now: there is always a day when something exciting happens.

I love Manchester for its student life – definitely the best city to choose for your undergraduate studies. It’s vibrant, affordable, and easy to move around. Want to have a fun night out? You’ve got over 15 clubs to choose from. Want to do something entertaining but not be overwhelmed with the crowd or music? Junk Yard Golf will be you go-to place then. Want to have club-like fun but not in a club? Bongo’s Bingo will become one of your most favourite Manchester nights then. Don’t be put off by the word «bingo» – it’s a crazy night with stupid and fancy prizes, music and unstoppable dancing on tables.

December has started and I haven’t been in such a Christmas mood since I was 12. After going to London for a weekend mid-November, seeing Christmas lights, Christmas decorations and Christmas markets, then going back to Manchester and seeing the markets, I just suddenly felt it. It’s such a great feeling of excitement when you’re an adult yet your inner child takes over and makes you so nervous and thrilled about the upcoming celebration! Massive festive family dinners, home food, presents and just a constant feeling of warmth, love and care.

After living in the UK for 5 years it’s only this year I got to experience what a family Christmas roast dinner is like. Living in a boarding school and actually living in a city is completely different – you don’t get to properly experience the culture and traditions. Christmas dinner is more of a buffet style dinner with wider options, and you never have nights where it’s just you with people you’re close with. Spending my first ever proper Christmas meal with my work colleagues who became my friends the minute I’ve started the job is definitely one of the highlights of this year and certainly a warm memory to keep.


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