Time flies when you’re having fun..!


Like every good thing, the summer never lasts long, nor the weekends for that matter. Maybe it correlates with age, the perception of time moving more quickly and then before we know it we are wishing our lives away for the next weekend, summer or seasonal holiday. OR maybe it’s just because I am having just too much fun!

Since the beginning of July I have been working in central London on my year out in industry, as an RFS Manager for IBM. In a nutshell, the role is more process management than anything. The Client Requests for Services (RFSs) and I mediate the communication, documentation and delivery of financial and contractual information which leads to such services being executed by IBM. The role is perfect for anyone undergoing a business course, or ideally a computer science / business course such as ITMB, which I am enrolled on.

As you can imagine, reports that are produced are incredibly valuable to higher management for all sorts of purposes and as such they are often required almost instantaneously after you have been told to make it. Working quickly and accurately under these pressures is something I have learnt, almost creating an autopilot mode in myself where influences are blocked out, my attention is honed and I am sprinting to the finish line. This was NOT something I could ever do in John Rylands library, often flicking through irrelevant books, pacing the place for someone I knew or simply staring endlessly on Facebook, which there isn’t a law against but in review I was clearly wasting time, time that would not move quickly because I wasn’t making the most out of it.

Sean with friends

With friends

This, however cannot be said for my time in London. The city is a fantastic place to do your year out as many of the large IT leaders have offices here it gives ample opportunity to build your post-graduation stepping stone into a future job role. Not only that, as you may have guessed there is just so much to do here, from comedy clubs, party boat cruises up and down the Thames and of course all the fancy places to go for a drink and food. I recently ventured up to the bar Aqua which is on the 34th floor of London’s newest and most eye catching skyscraper, the Shard, spectacular view with an amazing atmosphere. With all the potential gallivanting your wallet will feel a bit light towards the end of the month though this shouldn’t stop you as there are just as many free things to do, such as museums and art galleries. The Tate Modern is a great place to go if you’re feeling ponderous and/or in a giddy mood.

Travelling around is easy once you know how. Apply for a student oyster card as they only cost £10 and save a small fortune. £80 a month in comparison to £130 for zones 1-2 which have everything you’ll want to see.

I am now in my fourth month of my placement and with the holidays coming up, I feel the time passing even more quickly. I am making the most out of my job role and social life here and honestly don’t want it to end anytime soon. So, for all of you considering a placement, get those applications started! One tip, apply to a few you don’t mind not getting, as if you apply to the one you have your heart set on and don’t get it, there is no second chance application. So take a practice run at writing an application, attend an assessment centre and mock interview at the local Careers service on campus and get feedback so you know what you need to work on before applying to your dream company.


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