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It has been a while since welcome week and from this time things have really been in fifth gear. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone already, and I imagine this disbelief will recur many times throughout my first year. However they do say time flies when you’re having fun, so I’m not complaining.

One month into my academic year and I feel very happy with all aspects of my uni life. I have made some incredible lifelong friends on the ITMB course as well as many others on different courses.

Looking into the academic side of things, I can say I thoroughly enjoy every one of my course units as they are all very interesting. My favourites would have to be both the Application Design and Development and the Database Design and Development course units. Reasons for this would be that the two lectures running these courses are fantastic; they are very enthusiastic about their subjects and are very helpful when it comes to labs as they are more than willing to explain the solution to a task, or explain a string of code to members of the labs individually. These two units are more technical than others, but I like being a little bit technical. I also really enjoy the Financial Reporting unit, as I took Accounting for A-level which is really helping me understand the work.

I have used the library many times since September. I felt it was in my best interest to immediately fetch the recommended books on the reading list, as these are a huge help when it comes to understanding things in greater detail. It isn’t wise to entirely rely on the lecture slides as these can be quite streamlined. Self-study can be difficult at times, especially when your mate is throwing a party everyone is going too, but I manage to fit a fair amount in, usually in-between gaps in my timetable. The library or one of the computer clusters is the best place to study I find.

As I have transferred from Computer Science to ITMB, I have been very lucky to be able to keep a great circle of friends from that previous year as well as having the opportunity to make many new friends in the Business School. Most of my new friends are on the ITMB course, as it has a smaller number of students compared to many other courses, it was incredibly easy to mingle with everyone.

When it comes to social life outside of uni, I can certainly say I’ve had a blast. The top highlights of my month would be the two Warehouse Projects I went to – both Hospitality and Jamie xx were incredible. It being October, we cannot forget about Hall’o’ween. I had a really fun time dressing up and having a laugh with mates. After all that though, I’m really looking forward to going home for reading week so I can chill out with a few essays, reports and of course some reading.

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