Three more weeks of uni!


I have already completed half of the credits for this semester after submitting my dissertation and the final coursework for one of the modules I took. Left are only three more exams, all spread out over the next three weeks. My last one is on June 3, finishing off with one of the modules I’ve enjoyed most this semester: Macroeconomics. So hopefully, I’ll end uni with a good feeling!

It has always been more difficult to remain focused before exams in the second semester, especially since there is so much more going on elsewhere. Manchester has had annual parades for the last three years since Manchester United and Manchester City have kept the title in the city for that long. Even the Eurovision Song Contest kept me distracted last week, and has every year since a close friend who I was in a band with represented Sweden a couple of years ago. I become a true patriot every year it’s on. Summer is also approaching and people are having drinks on terraces. I can’t wait to finish these exams.



My plans for the summer before work starts in September are still vacant. Apart from post-uni celebrations and the graduation ceremony in Manchester, and end-of-year party in London with Windows, I will spend most of my summer in Sweden. The World Cup will accompany me most of the days. I do also have a week in Dubrovnik in Croatia to look forward to later in August. I still have some flat hunting to do in London, which will probably take up another week or two. Okay, I just made this sound like the most boring summer ever. I think this calls for another holiday. I’ll keep you posted on this.

I was contacted by my future ‘buddy’ at Deloitte who will help me settle in prior to the start date. She told me she also went to UoM, studying Geography, and graduated in 2012. It feels great to join with an UoM:er already on board and she seems like a really cool person to work with, so there is a lot to look forward to.


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