The start of a journey of a lifetime


Only after having landed for the first time in Manchester, did I acknowledge the adventure I would embark on and the journey of a lifetime. It was the first of this kind for me, since I never left my home for more than one week and suddenly, spending 4 months away from everything and everyone I knew so far, represented quite a shock for me.

“How are you today?” These were the first words that were addressed to me personally. After months of corresponding with the University through letters and e-mails, it was nice to actually see a delegate of the university (and here I refer to the well-prepared student ambassadors) and finally have a belonging feeling to the community, the university itself and the student body.

I believe that out of my first week spent in Manchester, I encountered so many people and took part in so many workshops, that in the end I gathered incredible memories…

…The army and keeping healthy

I believe my first priorities were to ensure that I would get the best out of the experience by having access to the same public services just as I did back home. Therefore, I was happy to register with a GP and go to workshops debating subjects such as the health system, our benefits as foreign students in UK and also the safety that we are guaranteed by the police. As a reminder, I still keep the following picture just to bear in mind that the University preoccupies itself with these issues.

…I might finish this university as a polyglot

The days flew by too fast and the societies’ fair day finally came. While I had a fair idea about the few societies I meant to join because of my hobbies and studies, such as Manchester Entrepreneurs Society, Manchester University Investment and Trading Society and the Ballroom Dancing Society, I was wowed by the increasing number of societies specialised on a specific language and culture such as the Romanian Society, Russian Society, Spanish Society, Chinese Society, German Society, which also offer courses for beginners to study their language. Therefore, one could get to know their culture and if interested, even start studying a new foreign language. There was such a wide range of opportunities and so many things to do and occupy my time with, that I felt fully satisfied with my first days at University of Manchester.

I believe that my expectations were outrun and my belief of never regretting anything that I do is still strong embedded in my mind. I had an amazing time throughout my first year at the university and hope that it will be the same or even better the following years. Therefore, I can only wish you the same and a very warm WELCOME to the journey of your lifetime called UNIVERSITY.


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