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Suddenly it’s November, with this semester flying by as I return from reading week to a very cold Manchester.

The past month has largely revolved around the hunt for an internship/placement. It initially seemed a little ridiculous that applications were opening in August for schemes that had a start date of Summer 2018. Although having seen how extensive the application process can be with some firms, I am no longer surprised.

I have been fortunate enough to gain an internship at one of the ‘Big Four Accounting Firms’ next summer within their consulting division. I applied at the start of September, with the application process involving: situational strengths and business behaviour tests, numerical tests, verbal reasoning tests, a telephone interview and an assessment centre.

Given this month has largely revolved around internships and time in the Precinct library, I will share a couple of tips that I feel helped me get an internship.

APPLY EARLY – I’m aware this is obvious to most, but given it appears a considerable number of firms deal with applications on a first come, first served basis, I would suggest looking at the websites of firms you are interested in and making a note of when applications are open from.

BE PASSIONATE – Again this may seem obvious, but make sure you know the reasons why you are applying to a firm/position from the very start. I think it will make the application process appear a lot less stressful and will really help if you get to the interview stage.

DON’T STRESS – Without wanting to sound patronising, it’s worth taking the time to find out what you’re interested in. From my experience it can be tempting to just apply to MNCs you have heard of and hope for the best. There is no need to panic, a quick look at RateMyPlacement suggests there are over 2000 firms offering some sort of placement scheme to undergraduate students.

Away from AMBS, I have become more involved with music and playing drums this month, living in halls last year with hundreds of students understandably meant it was near impossible to practice. Further on the football pitch, the five-a-side team I play in (making use of the nearby Armitage centre) has experienced considerable success with three wins from three so far – vaguely reminiscent of the form of Manchester City currently.

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