The first week of the rest…


The final year has begun and I can already feel how the pace has turned up a notch from second year. Looking back at my previous blog posts, there is a clear month-by-month trend of fewer party pictures, less enthusiasm for the city’s offerings, and more words spent on explaining how stressed I am and how much work I have ahead of me. My Facebook account is literally crying out for attention.

When I was in my first and second year, I was constantly told by people “dude, wait till you get to third year!”. Having completed only the first week, I am already starting to see why I was constantly questioned for my weekend library visits in my first and second year. My diary has already documented some highlighted deadlines and even more graduate career events.

For the next month I will be all about my lectures / seminars, Windows Ambassador work, dissertation and job applications. I’m aiming to get a good start and get the routines in. Weekday hangovers are therefore no option for me at this stage, unfortunately. I guess I should postpone those plans of hopping on the instagram train.


The first meeting with my mentees went really well, and I was happy to see how excited they were to start uni. I’m sure they will have a good first year.

I will be doing a presentation of my internship experience on Wednesday the 3rd of October at MBS for those of you who would like to hear more about working in the City of London in a financial services firm.

Have a look at MBS’s UG brochure for 2013/2014 – I’m in it!


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