The Exciting Summer


It’s always exciting to start writing again though I never know what to begin with after a slightly long period of inactivity, especially when this covers the whole summer and early autumn. Should I focus more on where I travelled, what I have seen or who I have spent more time with and which insightful lessons taught me more about myself and the world in the past few months? Or perhaps I should talk about what is specifically going in my professional career at the moment?

Let me tell you something, summers in London are similar to everywhere else, they are full of good fun, friendly smiles and adventure. It just may be that London offers more in terms of choices but they are nothing without the dear people you choose to spend the moments with. As probably some of you have been to London quite a few times, it might be worth scrapping this whole London element and discuss a bit more about things closer to me.

What’s kept me busy so far includes: moving places, holiday, travelling back home, work (quite significantly) and the choice of a career.

I am most keen on sharing more about my trip to Madagascar. Whilst pictures below speak for themselves in terms of the beauty of the place, the experience itself was unique: from travelling into the Wild West, giving up on phone signal for 10 days, night walks, climbing and getting to know the local culture and villagers to spending more time with my friend (who is also a) travel blogger and taking too many pictures of ourselves, I came back truly energised.


I was amazed by the lack of developed infrastructure, the local food and the casual happiness showing genuinely on everyone’s face. What more? I learnt I can sleep in less than convenient and comfortable places, wake up every day at 6am with a smile on my face and endure bumpy roads for more than 8 hours, even sleep whilst in the car. It was a true joy.

Flipping the focus on work, I am approaching the start of my third rotation at Barclays and after having passed my CFA Level I (now officially a CFA Level II candidate), I am inclined towards the world of Debt Finance. In the meanwhile, I pretty much settled into my current role in Cash and Liquidity sales and look forward to enjoying the last two months that I have remaining in this team and for sure… my leaving drinks.

I hope you all had a great summer with lots of fun and travels. I wish you a great start of the academic year. Choose wisely, study hard but also enjoy your time as students.

Until next time 🙂


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