The countdown to Parklife continues…


The very beginning of May was pretty blissful to say the least. Lecturers had basically tied up most lost ends and as we were about to enter the last few weeks of the revision period everyone was getting that summer feeling, despite the rain. The actual remaining time that was to be spent revising was in fact little but blissful. Word of warning to any future or present students unaware of how hectic John Ryland’s Main University Library gets. It’s like a scene from wildlife documentary; the place becomes flooded with people who seem to set up residency in order to preserve ‘their’ chairs. Those who had managed to find plugs were extra weary of passers by who had clearly spent the last 30 minutes trying to find somewhere to sit. Many of those people resorted to sitting/sprawling out on the floor to revise, I however have a few secret revising spots around campus, one being the often unheard of precinct library belonging to MBS. Many of my mates were entirely unaware of it. It isn’t 24-hour during exam period but it’s often fairly quiet, and they also have ample plugs. Just for future reference.

I can’t say I struggled with any other aspect of revision other than my attention span. I often got very distracted by games on my phone and of course the king of procrastination, Facebook. I suggest printing lecture slides and switching your phone off to help keep you focused.

My method of revision is to simply write summarised lecture notes out repeatedly until I have completely familiarised myself with the lectures’ contents. Doing this for each and reviewing each lecture again and again before moving on to the next. I would then finally try out a few past papers to ensure I had actually taken it all in and felt confident with timing and that.

Just before my first exam I actually went home for four days. I hadn’t been home since the end of last year, so felt no better time to go home and see all my friends and family. They all gave me that extra boost I needed.

I had my first exam the day after I arrived back. It was the Management Accounting exam. I really really enjoyed this course unit and therefore I felt this encouraged my interest, which of course made revision ten times easier. The test was less similar to the preresiquite module of Financial Accounting, as it was focused more on essay-style questions, whereas the previous module was more numbers and formula based. I felt it went very well. The next exam was the Computer Systems exam, I was a little more concerned whilst revising for this as I found the lecture slides a bit confusing however the core reading really helped extend on the information provided. I focused most of my revision on certain topics as we had the choice of 3 out of 5 questions and I had looked at all the past papers to see which topics appeared most often. This allowed to fully understand certain topics. The final exam was an online Java test. I wasn’t the best at Java in the assessed labs, however I had previous experience with it so when I went over the lecture slides a lot of it was refreshing my memory again and I felt better equip in the exam. Overall I feel I have done well in the exams.

ITMB finished on the 28th of May, so we have a few socials planned and the countdown to Parklife continues.

Very Excited!!!


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