The busiest month of my entire life!


As far as months go, March has definitely been the busiest of my entire life! By far.

March 23rd was a date that constantly lingered in my mind. Almost every single piece of work that we were given was due on this date. Nightmare and a half! Especially when I have a history of leaving things to the last minute and also have a part-time job to make time for.

However managing my time is something I feel I’ve come to completely master now. I feel this is entirely the result of just having lots and lots to do.

We had two main pieces of coursework to do. Firstly we had to write a 1,500 word essay in which we had to critique an article written by American author, Nicholas G. Carr, entitled ‘IT Doesn’t Matter’ The article itself was based on Carr’s own opinions and how he felt the IT industry would have to make changes. We were to submit a draft of our essay 2 weeks before it was due, so as to receive constructive feedback. Most of us were told by the lecturer that we “had missed the point” of the task. On re-reading my submitted work I have to agree and I now have a newfound respect for critics, as it is quite hard to not only scrutinize someone’s work, but to also scrutinize that person and question their authority for writing their work.

Secondly for the computing module, ‘Introduction to Computer Systems’, we had to put together a ‘portfolio’ that detailed a certain technical topic area. The topic I was assigned was ‘The Internal Structure of the CPU’ which was my first choice from a long list of topics. I chose this topic as my first choice as I already had some knowledge about the CPU overall and I knew there were hundreds of articles and online resources dedicated to detailing all aspects of the CPU. I was very proud of the piece I produced for this unit, however the lecturer is apparently extremely picky over presentation, so I am hoping my content makes up for any nitpicking he does presentation-wise!

Of course they were not the only things keeping me on my toes. We also had numerous presentations, which all went very well. I cannot only see huge improvements in how I myself deliver presentations, but also many of my course mates. I feel the ability to present an idea or opinion well is a key skill that’s a must for all ITMB students, as the course is based heavily on working with other people. So this key skill is something that will definitely favour us in our future careers. We also have been working on a few Java programming tasks, which are a bit difficult if you aren’t fluent in Java, but they have postgraduate assistants who are usually willing to help out.

Thankfully all of the work was completed on time. I had chosen to stay in Manchester for an extra week after the Easter break began in order to spend a lot of time helping out at my part-time job as they are experiencing a very high level of orders in the run up to summer. But now that week is over and I am now on my way to Norwich to spend the weekend with a friend and then I return to Manchester on Monday to catch my flight back home to Ireland. Really looking forward to getting some R&R.


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