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After all those lovely weeks of sunshine I can assure you that you won’t only see grey clouds during your time in Manchester. Unfortunately the exam period collided with the nice weather which didn’t exactly make studying any easier but since the exams were really spread out, I still enjoyed the sun in Whitworth Park a couple of times.

This time exam period was a lot more laid back than the one in January because I had enjoyed my second semester course units more, had prepared better and the exams were spread over three weeks.

The BCG workshop at the beginning of May was simply amazing. I flew to London what felt like in the middle of the night – I had even asked one of my flat mates to borrow me her alarm clock so either the alarm clock or my cellphone would definitely wake me up at 2 o’ clock in the morning. When I arrived at London Heathrow I had to wait for the students from Edinburgh to arrive and then we were driven to Leeds Castle which is quite impressive where we meet other students from Oxford, LSE, Warwick etc. the majority of them being masters or Phd students.

The reception took place at the library when we first arrived at the castle

The reception took place at the library when we first arrived at the castle

At first we listened to a presentation about BCG and opportunities to work with them and then we were split up in groups. Each of the three groups had to work out a brand strategy for an electronics company and like in real life consulting we only had very little time to do so. When we had finally agreed on our strategy we only just got done with our presentation before we had to present out results to a ‘jury’. From the feedback we got I think we did well even though our approach was completely different to what the company we developed the strategy for had originally wanted.

This event was hosted by BCG Germany but an employee from the BCG office in London also came to talk to us about the London Olympics since BCG is the exclusive strategy consulting provider for the Olympic Games this year. It was really interesting to hear which huge amounts of planning are involved and how many things have to be considered. In the evening we enjoyed a tour through the castle which was built almost 900 years ago and is of course home to several ghosts which luckily didn’t pay us a visit. Afterwards we dined in the Banqueting Hall and had a fabulous 4 course dinner before we finished our evening with some drinks and ghost stories.

Drinks after the dinner

Drinks after the dinner

The workshop finished way too quickly and before I knew it I was sitting in my plane heading towards the North again. I had an amazing time and will definitely apply for an internship with BCG next year if it fits with my schedule because I will leave in August for my year abroad.

If you are interested in consulting take the chance and apply for those kinds of workshops even if you think you won’t stand a chance because you might be surprised that you do.


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