Summertime in Cologne


So far the summer in Cologne has been great. The weather is mostly sunny and warm, I’m enjoying my internship and obviously the football World Cup was truly amazing!

Normally I don’t watch football games but even I can’t get away with that during the World Cup. I had a blast watching the football games; especially the final game against Argentina.

Celebrations after the World Cup win.

Celebrations after the World Cup win.

I’ve been working at Bayer for 2 months now. I’m in the corporate accounting and reporting department and more specifically my work revolves around accounting principles and policies. Currently I’m preparing a presentation about the new International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 15 with another intern. This standard sets out rules for realizing revenue from contracts with customers. Even though the new IFRS 15 will not become effective until 2017 it is important to update the accounting guidelines early and start introducing the new rules to employees.

On the weekends I spend time with other interns, explore the surrounding cities and just enjoy sleeping in. I went to see an old school friend in Bonn, the former capital of Germany, visited family friends and also went home for a weekend.

Exploring the area surrounding Cologne (Drachenburg).

Exploring the area surrounding Cologne (Drachenburg).

I recently picked my final year modules. We have a fairly long list of modules we can take and the only constraint is that 60 out of the 120 credits we choose must be categorized as international modules, such as International Human Resource Management or International Finance. I chose my modules based on interest, strength and assessment method. I prefer exams over essays but I still picked some essay based modules to avoid having too many exams in January. Since exams start right after the end of Christmas vacation it always takes a lot of motivation to study during that time of the year.

In less than two months I will be back in good old Manchester – It’s been over a year since I’ve last been there. This year I will be living in a private hall not far from MBS with a friend of mine. I always preferred living close to the campus as I like studying in the library so it’s just more convenient to live within walking distance of MBS East and the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons.

I’m coming back to England about two weeks before lectures start so that I’ll have enough time to pick up all of my belongs I stored over the year and do some exploring in the city before final year really begins with all its adventures and lots of hard work!


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