Summer, summer, summer…


As clichéd as it might sound, I cannot believe that my first year at university is already over.

The past couple of months have been pretty hectic. With exams around the corner, “I’m living in the library” had become a commonly used phrase across campus. We had a total of six exams spread over a period of twenty-five days. After the exams were over, Facebook was bombarded with emotional posts. Alongside the exam stress there was some good news as I was selected as the Head of Tech and Graphic Design for Manchester Entrepreneurs, and also as the Vice Captain of the University of Manchester men’s first badminton squad.

Man Utd takes on Hull City - Beat them 2-0 - GGMU

Man Utd takes on Hull City – Beat them 2-0 – GGMU

So what are my plans for the summer? I’ll be spending my summer holidays in India, interning for a company in my hometown. I’ll also be travelling to Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, which all seem pretty exciting. Another task for the summer is to redevelop the Manchester Entrepreneurs website and update it with the latest information.

It will soon be time to select a specialism for my degree. This is one of the reasons why I selected Manchester Business School. It offers the flexibility to choose course units that interest you and specialise in that area. Moreover, it is possible that you may be confused regarding which specialism to select, but MBS offers you a couple of weeks to experiment, and change your specialism if you feel something else interests you more.

I would also like to congratulate all the Manchester Freshers of 2014-15. Just like me, I’m sure you’ll all have the time of your life! I’m going to be around campus as a student ambassador during Orientation and Freshers’ Week, so if you spot me, feel free to say hi!

Have a great summer!


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